Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - July 25, 2018

#NSALE: Stuff I’m Getting For Myself

I’m currently sitting in bed sick with strep throat, so I decided to put together a blog post for y’all. I’m being *very* productive while sick and doing some shopping. Probably not the best use of my time, but it’s all good. ANYWAY.

I’ve been placing orders for myself periodically throughout the sale as I find new stuff, but I thought it might be interesting to let you know what was in my most recently #NSALE shopping cart. I literally just purchased every single one of the things for myself and used my Nordstrom Notes I’d been saving up. So technically, it was $Free 99, right?! Yep, that sounds right.

This Betsey Johnson bra. I got this one last year and it’s probably my favorite everyday bra I own. It’s so soft and not too cotton-y if you know what I mean? Also, it’s the perfect color for wearing thing-ish white tee-shirts.

I just ordered 7 of these Votivo candles (red currant scent) to keep in my gift closet for gift-giving throughout the year. I did this last year and I was so glad I did! It never hurts to have an extra gift lying around for when you’re in a jam.

I talked about it in my #Nsale Athleisure roundup, but I think the #Nsale is such a great time to restock my sock situation and I love the Zella socks. I never have enough. Never.

A new pair of Ugg slippers. I got a pair 3 years ago and they’re starting to get a little nasty. I wear these things ragged once the temps start to drop during the Fall. And I love how these are quasi-cute enough to wear in public too (ha!).

I fell in love with this pair of black sunglasses, so I’ll be getting these for myself as well :)

A new pair of running shoes because I’ve heard good things about these and plus they’re cute….

also, I need a new pair of Spanx because I think I left mine at the hotel for one of the Weddings I was in recently. Oops. plus the ones I had weren’t the right length – they were too short and so they rode up too easily. These should serve me much better.

I just added this DryBar set to my cart because I can never have enough of this gold. Enough said.

What have you scored so far this year? Did you like hearing what I got? I think I’ve got a few more orders left in me before the sale ends.