Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - July 14, 2015

#Nsale: Buy Now, Use Year-Round

ONE & TEN [hunter boots & north face rain jacket] – good to stock up for a rainy day now while it’s on sale, right?! I actually got both of these :)

TWO [Set of 4 Hanky Panky Panties] – because when could you not use a fresh pair of these things? Maybe I’m alone here (quite possibly), but these are all I wear. Personally, I find them extremely comfortable. And yes I know they’re super expensive, but y’all…you wear underwear every single day so it only makes sense to invest in them…right? Needless to say, I always jump on the opportunity when they’re on sale! Also, these make a great gift for someone you know is also a big fan.

THREE [‘Purity’ Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser Duo] – I started using this in February after I bought a mini bottle for my trip to Milan. I knew I’d be gone for several weeks and wanted something that could cleanse, tone, and remove makeup (basically a great all-in-one) and I totally fell in love! This stuff not only works well, but it smells nice and fresh!

FIVE  [La Mer Cream ] – I’ve never tried the famous ‘La Mer‘ but I figured I’d include it for those of you who do because I’ve heard it’s wonderful?

SEVEN and TWENTY [Gorjana hoop earrings and gold cuff] – I have their gold cuff from last year and wear it all the time! I love the design of this newer version and know I would wear it just as often. Also, I like these hoop earrings and how they face the front and are super thin! They’re be great basics!

EIGHT [T3 Compact Travel Set] – I just got this travel blowdryer and I’m obsessed. I actually only use this one now…

NINE [Tory Burch Leather Tote] – because this color is OMG

ELEVEN [Living Proof ‘No Frizz’ Set] – Right now I’m alternating between three different shampoos, this one being one of them. I’m not gonna lie to you, I cannot tell the difference in my hair depending on what shampoo I use (I think products make more of a different for me). But I will say that I LOVE the way this stuff smells!

TWELVE [Bobbi Brown hydrating skin supplements] I use the Bobbi Brown under eye stuff each night and I think it’s helping with my aging process?! ha I think it’s too early to tell, but I’ve heard good things :)

THIRTEEN [Barefoot Dreams Robe] – because DUH. But have you felt this thing? It speaks for itself! I also want one of the blankets! This would make a FABULOUS gift though too!

FIFTEEN [iPhone Plus case] – it says, ‘Pretty Little Thing’ and is adorable :)

SIXTEEN and FOURTEEN [Black Ankle Strap Heels & CoH Denim] – I actually just bought these black heels AND these skinny jeans today and can’t WAIT to style them for the blog…and just wear them in general. I’ve loved this style shoe for a long time and have been looking for a good black pair (these fit great!) and I’m a HUGE fan of CoH jeans so I knew these would be a no-brainer!

SEVENTEEN [Michael Kors Black Watch] – I’ve been wanting a black MK watch for a few years now, I’ve got this one in my shopping cart right now and am 80% sure I’ll pull the trigger before the sale is over. What do you think?

EIGHTEEN and TWENTY-THREE [makeup brushes and St. Tropez Set] – I could always use a new set of makeup brushes slash I’m always losing mine! This little set from MAC seems like a great new start or maybe even just a travel-only set…slash it would make a good gift as well! And then the St. Tropez…well it’s always a good idea to stock up on this stuff because it’s AMAZING!

NINETEEN [Peonia Gardenia & Rosa Diffuser] – because this sounds like it smells fancy and it lasts longer than a candle. I burn through candles like nobody’s business so I need to try one of these things! Have you ever tried one?

TWENTY-ONE [Bombshell Wand] – You’ve probably heard me talk about this thing before. It’s the main curling tool I use on my hair mostly because it’s the only thing that works for me. It pretty much changed my (hair) life. I use the 1 inch one though FYI which is also on sale!

TWENTYTWO [Moroccan Oil ‘Moisture Repair’ Hair Set ($124 Value)] – just started using their shampoo and conditioner and occasionally use the oil when needed and it seems to work really well and smells awesome too!