Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - July 10, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About #NSALE 2018

Believe it or not, it’s THAT time of year again where we all get super excited and geared up for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018! Ahhh – yay!  I wanted to give you guys fair warning so you could mentally prepare (lol…no but really tho, it’s intense…in a good way!) I’m going to cover a few basics and things you need to know about the sale!

What Is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

In a nutshell, it’s probably one of the most exciting times of the year (well, at least according to the retail world). It’s probably (dare I say?) the most popular sale of the entire YEAR – even more so than black Friday. For a limited period of time (usually a few weeks in July), Nordstrom marks down BRAND NEW Fall arrivals.  et me emphasize this point, my friends. I said brand-stinkin-new, fresh outta tha’ packaging new! And for a few weeks (you’ve gotta act fast friends!), these goodies are marked down up to 40% OFF until the prices go back up to normal at the end of the sale (which is August 8th this year!)

Ok, So When Can I Shop This SALE?

So, here’s the tricky part. Everyone can shop the sale on July 20th, but usually, by that time, a lot of the good stuff is sold out in all the popular sizes. So you’ll want to be sure you’ve got some way of being on the Nordstrom VIP team so you can shop EARLY with all the superstars on July 12th (that’s a whole week of shopping before everyone else can get in on the goodness!) Wondering how to be on team Nordstrom VIP? Let me tell ya!

Cool, But How Do I Shop The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early?

You’ve got to become a Nordstrom cardholder. If you’re like me, then hearing that line probs makes you want to roll your eyes. I get it. But just trust me that it’s worth it – both for the points and benefits of using the card AND for getting the early access to the sale! You can either get a Nordstrom credit card OR a debit card (apply here). Either way, you’ll need to be some sort of cardholder in order to shop the sale before the public does!

What Should I Save Up For?

I’ve gotten so many great deals during the #NSALE over the past 4 years, but I would say some of my favorite and best purchases have been a nice pair of leather riding boots and designer handbags. Among many other things, some of the best products to snag during the sale are things such as:

  • Beauty Products and sets
  • Gifts for upcoming holidays (like candles and house-warming things)
  • Leather riding boots
  • Nike tennis shoes
  • Workout clothes
  • Everyday watches
  • Cardigans
  • Comfy sweaters
  • Everyday blouses
  • Casual booties (under $200)
  • Dress shoes (for Fall weddings and events)
  • Classic Jewelry
  • Stocking Stuffers
  • Everyday underwear and bras

You can see some of my posts from last year to see what to expect here!

In order to see all the deals you could snag you can download/view the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale here.