Style - July 11, 2018

My Latest Favorite Sneaker

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m never happier than I am on a weekend morning hanging out and wearing my fav sneakers. It’s literally my favorite time in the world. There’s something about a fresh day, not much on the agenda, and everyone being in a good mood – especially during summertime! I actually love getting up really early and heading out to grab coffee or breakfast before things are packed. Y’all know I like my quiet morning time, and this combo is my fave. Just give me a podcast, a smoothie the size of my head, and I’m good. I actually find that this little habit is what makes certain weekends feel better than others – I legit need the quiet weekend mornings in my life to feel my best.

So anyways, I just wanted to share a really easy, casual outfit for those mornings. I obviously don’t put a ton of effort into these looks – but I think that’s why I like this style so much. I’m obsessed with sneakers, and even in the dead of summer, you’ll find me in them when I’m being casual. I honestly like to walk A LOT, and I kinda hate doing that in sandals. Plus, I just think sneakers and denim shorts look so cute together. It keeps me feeling young or something, ha! Mixed with an easy t-shirt and some sunnies, and I’m out the door.

I wanted to share these Cariuma sneakers with y’all because I do get a lot of questions about my favorite pairs of sneakers. I love these mainly because they aren’t basic. Not every person I pass has them on, and I love the extra detail the design has. Plus, they have a slight platform which I LOVE the look of (and it also helps me since I’m so short). I’ve been really into black and white sneakers and think these are simple yet fun. Don’t y’all love them?!

OK, quick post today but as I found myself feeling SO good on a recent morning weekend, I thought I’d share what I was wearing! I know y’all like everyday-type outfits, too, so hopefully this helps. Try the sneaker + shorts thing and lemme know what you think.
Do y’all have a favorite time of the week? Is anyone else their best on a weekend morning?