Fall - February 10, 2016

Consider Me Cardigan-Crazed

Brighton The Day wearing cobalt blue sweater under cardigan with leggings and riding boots
Brighton The Day wearing blue sweater and marled cardigan
Brighton The Day styling riding boots and leggings with a cardigan
Brighton The Day featuring oversized sweater and cardigan with riding boots
Brighton The Day wearing leggings and riding boots
Brighton The Day layering blue sweater with cardigan
Brighton The Day wearing a long cardigan with leggings and riding boots
Brighton wearing cardigan over a blue sweater with black ray-ban aviators and kendra scott bar necklace
Brighton layering cobalt blue sweater under marled cardigan with leggings

I feel like I’ve been living in cardigans these past few weeks – it’s literally all I want to wear. I’ll usually throw on a comfy sweater or top and skinny jeans (or leggings #letsbehonest) and then a cardigan on top since I’ll need the extra layer.

This black and white marled one has been great because it actually matches more than you would think. Since it’s not just a plain solid color, it adds texture and dimension to an otherwise flat or all-solid-colors outfit AND it ties different colors together well (like black and brown and blue in this look!)

I leave for NYC tomorrow for FW and of course…I’m not EVEN close to being ready to go. Exhibit A – I still need to go hunt for my suitcases in the garage (hands over face emoji) and then do some laundry that’s been majorly piling up (aka need clean underwear lol). But other than my major-behind-ness and the fact that there’s a major winter storm slash cold front headed that way, I’m super excited for the big city and seeing all my fashion peeps and brands.

This will be the first time I’ve gone in like…a year I think? I skipped the past 2 for personal reasons. And now that I’m thinking about it, maybe I should write a post on why I didn’t go because I bet I’m not alone – no matter what industry you’re in, they are similar pressures and circumstances that could result in you maybe experiencing the same things I did (and still do, but that’s another story kind of). If I’m sounding super vague, it’s because I’m scared to share too much (at the risk of sounding….um, fake? annoying?).

But in a nut shell, I didn’t go because it wasn’t good for my heart – and that’s all I’ll share for now. If I feel led to share more, I will.  But to all you haters who see that little explanation and want to run with it, go ahead. Say the mean things – you can’t fault me for being honest.

Shop The Post: CARDIGAN: BP Marled Cardigan // SWEATER: Trouve Everyday V-neck Sweater // LEGGINGS: HUE Blackout Leggings // BOOTS: FRYE ‘Melissa’ Riding Boots // SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban ‘Original Aviator’ Black // NECKLACE: Kendra Scott ‘Eleanor’ Pendant Necklace // EARRINGS: BaubleBar ‘Olympia’ Drops // BAG: Valentino ‘Medium Rockstud’ Tote // LIPS:  YSL Lip Stain (Dewy Red)

Photos: Kristen Dee Photography