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How to Make Out-Of-Town Guests Feel Comfortable During The Holidays

How to welcome guests to your home

Thanks so much to Mattress Firm for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions are my own. I actually bought my own mattress from them back when I first moved into the house and am looking forward to getting one for my guest room. They’re the best! 

I don’t know about y’all, but whenever I’m a guest in someone’s home and they go above and beyond to make me feel comfortable, I never forget it. Now that I have my own home, I want to be like those people! I want to be a place where guests, no matter if it’s my dad or a friend, feel like they could stay forevs – and like they can use anything, do anything, and that they’re not encroaching on me ya know? Because we can all think of situations where someone made us feel that way too, and it stinks.

I don’t actually have a guest bedroom in my house (they’re all full of roommates), but one is opening up in a few months and I can’t freaking wait to make it a legit guest room for visitors!One of the best ways to make your guests feel welcome is to give them a cozy (and private) place to sleep – including a guest bed. Until I have that, my guests are staying in my living room. Obviously, that isn’t ideal since there isn’t as much privacy. BUT, I’ve done my best to make the experience good while working with the current cards dealt! It can be done, I promise.

Whether you have a guest room or are just trying to make people feel better when visiting, here are a bunch of ideas on how to do so. Some I’ve picked up along the way from others, and some I’ve thought of myself!

How to welcome guests to your home

Tech tray and station

I actually like to use a display tray to hold a charger, the remotes, and the WiFi code (or any other codes), so that a guest instantly knows how to work things – without feeling like they need to “bug” me. Also, if you don’t have an outlet close by, or if it’s full with your stuff, be sure to pick up an extension charger or cord before guests arrive. You want them to be able to use their phone and charge it whenever they want, and not have them worry about unplugging anything of yours.

Consider the space in the dark

This is easier to do in a bedroom, but make sure to assess the sleeping arrangements in the pitch black. Are there windows that need treatments so guests sleep better and aren’t blasted by the sun? Is there a flashing light from a tech device that’s annoying? A weird sound the dishwasher makes that would keep them up? Basically, make sure guests are sleeping in an environment that you’d be OK with.

How to welcome guests to your home

Make a gift basket & welcome note

I have a friend who always does this when I stay, and it immediately makes me feel at home! It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, but maybe a bottle of water, some snacks (think of what the person loves – for me, it’s CANDY), a magazine, maybe a candle and matches to make the room feel cozy, etc. And last but not least, a hand-written welcome card to set the tone of comfort and hospitality.

How to welcome guests to your home

Fresh food

There’s nothing more welcoming and homey than something like fresh cookies or a bottle of wine opened when a guest arrives, so go the extra mile with this touch. Plus, having something sitting out makes the guest feel a lot more comfortable eating/drinking, without feeling weird about digging through the pantry. Though, you should walk them through it and let them know what’s free for them to eat (especially if you have roomies and it’s unclear).

How to welcome guests to your home

How to welcome guests to your home

Stack of blankets

Since my couch is the guest bed right now, I either make it up before a guest gets here (if they’re arriving late), or I set out a pile of sheets and blankets. Of course I help them when the time comes, but having a couple extra blankets laying around is great in case they get cold in the middle of the night. Make sure they have something other than decorative pillows to sleep on, too!

How to welcome guests to your home

Dedicated space

There’s nothing worse than visiting someone and feeling like you’re all up in their grill all weekend, ya know? Make sure guests have a dedicated space for their belongings – in the room AND bathroom, so they feel comfy placing things down. Even better if you can clear a drawer or at least a shelf so they can stay organized. Offer to hang their items in your closet or a common space if something wrinkles.

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Choose a good mattress

There’s not really a point to having a guest room or doing any of the above if your guests don’t sleep well/have a comfy place to lay their heads. So, if you do have a proper guest room, make sure you buy a quality mattress if you do have a proper guest room. I can’t design mine until January, but I’ve been stocking up on what I’ll need for that room in the meantime. I freaking love a good mattress, and want my guests to also, so I’m planning on buying one for that room this Black Friday! Mattress Firm has ahhhmazing BF deals for their inventory, like 50% off a Beautyrest Queen (which I think I’ll be getting – only $375!), and y’all get a SONOS ONE speaker with the purchase of certain mattresses. AND they are offering a free adjustable base with select mattress purchases of $500 and above. How amazing is that?! I do know that I want my guests to be able to prioritize sleep since it’s super important, and Mattress Firm and a good place to sleep helps with that. Their special deals are also avail online on Thursday 11/23 and Monday, 11/27, so shop online or in store! Your guests will thank you later!

SO, who wants to come stay over? But for real, hope these tips help any hosts or guests in the future. Do y’all have any other ideas?


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