Style - November 6, 2019

Favorite Cold Weather Workout Gear For Him & Her

Hey y’all! You’re probably sick of me saying it at this point but MAN AM I COLD IN DENVER! The snow has been beautiful and fun but I just wasn’t prepared for such a climate shock. Of course, I knew it would be a lot colder in Denver vs. Dallas but I guess I wasn’t aware of how unprepared I was for all aspects of cold-weather living, ha!

Duncan has actually been in the same boat (which makes me feel a little bit better about myself…not gonna lie). Last weekend, we both realized how we really didn’t have any good cold-weather fitness or gym gear so we did a little shopping together and I’m feeling much better.

As y’all probably know, I’m more of an indoors gym girl (pilates, gym workouts, barre classes), but Duncan is actually a really great runner (he’d be embarrassed that I’m saying that but it’s true! He can run SO FAR).

I’ve been doing my 30 minutes walks mainly inside because I’ve learned to seriously love walking, but for now they’ve been mainly on the elliptical. When the sun comes out, I’m excited to get back outdoors though and I couldn’t help but to shoot this look outside and take a little walk after the snowstorm last week – it was just SOOOO pretty! Cold but pretty!

To cover both indoor and outdoor workout gear that can hold up in the cold weather, whether just for running from the car to Pilates LOL or for Duncan actually working out outside, we went to lululemon. I actually introduced Duncan to lululemon when we first started dating and he ended up loving some of the running gear I got him back in Dallas. It’s cool that you can shop for you or your guy there and overall, the quality just CANNOT BE BEAT.

Duncan LOVES this jacket that we got him and I’m actually loving this long puffer that I’m wearing here (cute right??). It’s cozy and warm and all the things but I can still move around in it which I appreciate in workout and athleisure stuff ya know? lululemon also has SUCH great colors right now – I’m personally all about this olive green trend happening.

Brighton Keller wearing Lululemon sunset orange puffer and Lululemon white top

You might have caught it on my instagram, but I actually have almost this exact same coat in the shorter jacket version (shown above). I’ve been wearing it around town and in and out of workouts too – it has been SO GREAT! And I absolutely LOVE the color! I got size 2 for reference – I think the jacket runs a little big and has an oversized fit.

brighton keller wearing leggings and puffer jacket

And I’ll leave you with a few more photos of this stunning long jacket because I just can’t get enough of it!

Outfit Details:

Cloudscape Waterproof Jacket Long // Restless Pullover // Wunder Under High Rise Tight 28″

I have a feeling I’ll be heading to lululemon a couple more times this winter as I get more used to my workout routine – and who knows, maybe I’ll brave more walks outside now that I have the proper clothing.

For now though, here are some of mine and Duncan’s favorite picks for winter workouts. I thought it would be good timing to share in case y’all are doing any shopping for yourself or gifts for him!