Motherhood - September 8, 2022

Labor & Delivery Nurse Gift Baskets

Brighton Butler L&D Nurse Gift Baskets

Ever since I was in the hospital with Four, I knew I wanted to bring something special to give to the Labor & Delivery and Postpartum nurses the next time I was delivering a baby. For those of you who don’t know, I gave birth to Four 5 weeks early, so to say I was an emotional wreck at the hospital was an understatement.

The nurses I had were honestly so incredible and helped me feel at ease the entire time. It amazes me how they keep such a positive attitude, especially those who work the overnight shift! But I always enjoyed getting to see them in the middle of the night when I was up feeding and basically scared to not be staring at my baby every second of every minute.

When I was thinking about what to include in these baskets, I kept going back to the fact that these nurses have LONG shifts. They are working for 12 hours at a time, so little treats that give them energy and make life easier seemed like a nice gift.

Y’all know this trail mix from Target is my forever obsession. I could eat the entire bag in one sitting. I also liked the idea of including a lot of pink items since we’re having a baby girl, so when I saw they make all-pink Starburst packages, it was a no-brainer. Gatorade, flavored water, and Starbucks coffees also felt like a nice treat for anyone who’s working as hard as these nurses do.

I added a few other small trinkets like my fave hair clips and the famous Tula eye balm stick. Then for my tags, I had Kirsten McFarlan design some for me and I love how they turned out. Highly recommend using her for any of your custom design needs!

I’ve linked everything I used for my baskets below. I’m planning to bring 3 of these so that the L&D and Postpartum nurses can share everything. Hope this gives a little inspo to any of you looking to bring gifts for your nurses!


Brighton Butler L&D Nurse Gift Baskets

Product Details: Baskets // Ribbon // White Paper Shred // Cellophane // Starbucks Coffee Energy Drink // Sparkling Ice Water // Gatorade Zero // Boom Chicka Popcorn // Starbursts All Pink // Peanut Butter Monster Trail Mix // Mini Starbursts // Smart Sweets Watermelon Bites // Cinnamon Bears // Extra Refreshers // Tula Eye Balm Stick // Claw Clips // Silk Hair Ties // Custom Tags by Kirsten McFarlan Designs