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A Guide to Christmas Tablescapes

Christmas in Color

And cue…”It’s the most wonderful time of the year…..”

Ok y’all, were finally here, if you’re anything like me.. (don’t sue me those of you who disagree)… I like to wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating for Christmas and turning on my spotify Christmas playlist! But… IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE! And I am all here for it now!

Thanks to those of you who voted in Brighton’s instagram poll, I am back with your Christmas and Holiday tablescape inspo. This one will have a little less talking, and a lot more visuals for y’all.

I wanted to share two tablescape ideas that totally differ from each other, one a bit more classic and one full of color and youth. Let’s start with the classic!

Classic Christmas tablescape

Let’s be honest- I went with exactly what you’d envision.

Greenery, plaids, antlers… I love the traditional feel of this tablescape and the warm colors that scream Christmas. I was lucky to borrow most of the decor from mom (as her and I did this together when I was home over Thanksgiving).. But I have linked the items (some similar) for you all below!

I love my Mom’s old Christmas Spode china set – I bet a bunch of you grew up eating on these plates at Christmas too! Keeping my fingers crossed I get to inherit these one day!

Napkins (similar) //  Plaid Paper Napkins // Jingle Bell Napkin Rings // Placemats


You can buy real at your local nursery, Home Depot, Lowes or Trader Joe’s (they have so many great wreaths and greenery outside right now.. And for SUCH great prices! Or you can always purchase the fake at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or Amazon too! We grabbed these Magnolia leaves from a tree in our yard, and coming from a family of hunter’s had the antlers to throw in, but Amazon for the win if that’s something you don’t have easy access to!

My second tablescape (and my favorite of the two) .. I like to call

“Walkin’ in a Christmas Colorland…”

I thought with this one it would be fun to have my friends over for a Christmas Brunch, filled with Mimosas, donuts, waffles, some Chick-Fil-A minis .. all that good stuff! We wore our pajamas and brought gifts to donate to a local shelter. No need for the gift exchange this year, I’m all about giving back and what an easy and fun way to do so!

I totally imagined something bright, cheery, and incorporating tons of colors other than red and green. As you can tell from the images, I had no problem including pretty much every color of the rainbow.

I was inspired by the trend of these mini tinsel trees that have become popular the past few years. Believe it or not, it was easy and hard all at the same time to find the trees.

Hobby Lobby Trees  // World Market Trees // Mini colored Trees // Green Trees

I used paper placemats again, but this time, I made them from my sister’s wrapping paper! Her wrapping paper comes in rolls of 6 sheets, but I cut the sheets in half to make them the perfect size. You can shop her wrapping paper here.

Another cheap thing that added some pizazz was the fake snow- I dumped almost a whole bag across the table runner through the trees (and although it was a leeeetle messy) totally worth it to add a little sparkle to the table.

I wanted to find a solid colored roll of wrapping paper for my table runner, but with not being able to find the color I was going for, I ended up buying pieces of scrapbook paper and taping them together to make this lime green table runner.

I love this colorful pom pom garland, in the Christmas section at Michael’s they had a million garlands out and this one caught my eye (this one is similar.) The length was perfect for our table and I loved that it had all colors of the rainbow! As I was in the checkout line, they had these little string lights (and they had tons of different styles and colors).. I grabbed a box hoping they’d do and I lucked out!

Mom for the win again with the pink linen napkins – y’all she has a whole dresser in the dining room F U L L of linen napkins, although they aren’t technically mine, I’m telling y’all, they are worth the investment! Start stocking up now on some basics and you’ll be set for any dinner party you have.

Similar napkins

For my place cards, my mind was jumping all over the place when I went to Michael’s to pick up some of this stuff. They had so many cute items that would be perfect place cards, such as jingle bells (in all sizes), ornaments in all colors/shapes/sizes where you could write the names on them, pom pom balls to tie onto the napkins- you name it! With my vision, I just wrapped up little happies and hand painted my friends’ names on the tags.

Lastly – the cute little milk bottles! I purchased mine from Michael’s but you could easily get these on Amazon too. They add a sweet and juvenile touch to the breakfast theme, I added paper straws and bought all of our favorite childhood breakfast treats- Hostess Donettes. I added pink icing + sprinkles to make them just a little cuter!

As always, thank you all for reading my post! Even though decorating and crafting is a creative outlet for me, it still takes a lot of time and effort to bring it all together! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and get inspired! Merry Christmas and Happy Decorating to you all!