Style - June 4, 2019

Items to Get You Excited for Summer

Y’all, summer is (unofficially) here and I’m seriously pumped. I know Dallas doesn’t have a true winter like a lot of other places, but it’s not like I can lounge at the pool or the beach 24/7. I mean, between this post and this post, you can probably tell I’m a little bit excited for beach season. So, I thought, what’s one more summer-inspired post to really get us all into the spirit of things?!

The other posts I’ve written so far were more focused on outfits, and I definitely include some cute looks in this post too, but I went a little further this time and also included beach and pool accessories and some outdoor adventure gear (nothing too crazy, don’t worry!). I plan on doing alllll the summer things in the next few months (stay tuned for my updated summer bucket list coming ASAP, but here’s last year’s) and know I’m going to be using basically everything on this list so I hope it inspires some summer fun for you too!

Smocked Tops and Dresses

I know that smocking is technically a trend, but I can’t help but love it. I feel like my closet is quickly filling up with tons of smocked tops like this super cute option, simple dresses – loving this one – and jumpsuits. Anyone else?! If you haven’t given it a try yet, I highly recommend picking up a few of the options linked below. There’s just something about the style that is flirty and fun and perfect for summer.

Fun Pool and Beach Accessories

30A and every pool in Dallas are calling my name, so I’m stocking up all the must-haves. This stuff is honestly so fun to shop for and I legit want to buy everything. There are so many cute accessories (like this watermelon floatie for adults)! Also, if you’re heading to 30A, you have to check out my guide (I’m an expert LOL)!

Cute sandals

OK, cute summer sandals are a serious weakness of mine. I listed a few options in this post but wanted to expand on them a little more because I’m obsessed. I included a little bit of everything from more casual strappy slides to these cute wedges or this pair of espadrilles you can dress up a bit. If you’re anything like me, you might end up with all of them.

All the Outdoor Adventure Things

If you follow along on Stories, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I’m trying to move my body a bit more lately. I want to continue this trend this summer and get outside a lot. Moving my body just makes me feel GOOD and I’m using all the things to encourage me to get out there as much as possible. Plus, y’all know I’m a big lover of a good pair of workout pants, my go-to fitted workout tank (I wear an XS), a cute water bottle and comfy tennis shoes.


Outfit Details:

Coverup is sold out but here’s a link to the swimsuit top and bottoms! Plus, I’ve been wanting one of these Eric Javits hats for YEARS and I finally made the plunge and got one! I love it!