Style - September 13, 2019

How To Style A Midi Dress With Sneakers

brighton keller wearing black midi dress with sweater and sneakers

Y’all, I’m sorry if you’re sick of me in dresses and sneakers lately (feel like I’ve been wearing it A LOT lately) but it’s just too good! It’s honestly not a combo I would have ever thought I’d like let alone kinda sorta pull off, but now I’m totally here for it. It combines my love of casual style and dresses but also is a little unique and cool and yeah…it’s fun! Since it was a combo that I personally wasn’t sure how to style for a while, I wanted to put together what I’ve gathered this season while wearing it non-stop. If you’ve been thinking about it but are unsure about how exactly to make it happen, I’ve got you!

Have a slit

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SLIT! Because here’s the thing – most of the time this combo trend is done with a midi-length dress (or skirt), which is my favorite length for the look. But if you’re not careful, this look can make your legs look short. That’s where the slit comes in! I’m freaking obsessed with this dress from Lole for like 10 reasons, one being the slit. Not too high and not too low, it shows off more of the leg without exposing too much and yeah, it is my secret ingredient for this combo.

Go casual

I know some people are doing fancier or dressier dresses with this look, but personally, I’m not about that. I like the juxtaposition of the sneakers + dress but in my opinion, it looks best when the whole vibe is effortless. Another reason I love this dress for this combo (the dress comes in a few different colors btw!).

While we’re on the topic of the dress, I want to teach y’all a bit more about this brand Lole that’s semi-new to me and now I want everything they have! Honestly. They do that casual, versatile, quality over quantity thing SO well and it’s what I’ve been gravitating towards lately. All of their pieces are made from eco-conscious fabric (which is awesome and the next wave of fashion) and everything is so. freaking. soft. y’all! Basically, they’re big on creating activewear and very wearable stuff for the modern woman and I think a lot of y’all will be into them! I’ll link more of their stuff at the bottom of this post but it’s a brand I’ve been really excited to share with you guys!

Create a waistline

This is one of my tips whenever talking about most outfits because it makes such a big difference, at least on short people like me! I love the look of a sweater or jacket tied around the waist with the dress + sneakers combo because it gives you a waste – plus it breaks up the outfit and provides something extra. It’d be cute without, but I think for my body type, it’s more flattering this way. Try it and see! I used this sweater which is that perfect light weight and not too bulky to tie ya know? And if it’s chilly, you throw it on and you still have that broken up waist. Oh and this other dress has a waistline and a slit so would also be perfect for this look!

Just try it

I’m all for only following trends that work for y’all so if you truly don’t feel like this is, then skip, but if you’re just feeling like you can’t pull it off – try it! Like i mentioned, I have truly grown to love this look and I’m so glad I finally went for it.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this combo! If y’all want, follow @lole for more inspo and to see more of their stuff. Lole also gives 15% off your first order for new email subscribers so definitely sign up if you plan on ordering!

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