Self-Care - December 27, 2017

How To Recoup After the Holidays

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This is kind of a weird week isn’t it? It’s like Christmas is over, but New Year’s is this weekend and a lot of people are taking the week off and yeah, it’s just a weird week! I’ve found that it’s a good time to kinda chill and touch base before the new year officially starts, but I’ll be honest, I’m not always crazy motivated during this “in between” week. I do think the holidays take a little recouping period since they’re always SO busy, and you’re likely traveling and all that jazz. Plus, most of us want to start out the new year feeling as good as possible, and I find that recouping helps.

Here are a few ideas to get your life together after such a busy period:

Prioritize sleep

It might have been staying up til 2 a.m. watching Riverdale a few nights in a row and some late holiday parties in between – not to mention the hectic blog content that surrounds shopping during the holidays, but y’all, I’m exhausted. But since I want to kick my butt into shape (literally and figuratively), I’m trying to find energy wherever I can. Which is why it’s important to prioritize sleep as you recoup. It might mean saying no to prior obligations or turning Netflix OFF, but do whatever it takes to get a solid 7-8 hours of sleep a night for now. You can do ittttt!

Pay your bills

Bills kinda swirl in my head until I pay them, and especially with extra holiday spending, I think it’s smart to just open those bank accounts and pay your bills. You’ll start the new year on a fresh slate and it’ll take some anxiety out of your mind. I don’t know about you, but my stack of mail has piled up a bit over the past few days with all the holiday craze, so it’s just begging for attention right now! I’m going to tackle this before the new year gets here!

Add in more veggies

If you’re feeling more sluggish than usual (#same), add energy to your system by way of healthy eating. I’m not saying you can only eat vegetables and brown rice, but do one minor habit change and add veggies to EVERY meal for a week or so. Add in some spinach to a berry smoothie, throw in veggies to an omelet, have a side salad with your sandwich, you get it. It’ll help!

Have a self-love night

If your days usually look like madness from the moment you wake up until you finally go to sleep, stop it. You don’t deserve that. And especially not when trying to recoup. In order to get your life back on track and in a better mindset, give yourself a whole night of self love. Turn off your phone, draw a bath, do a face mask, and unwind – whatever that means for you! You’ll feel like a new lady after the fact.

Go for morning walks

Even if it’s cold outside, get outside for a little walk daily. Vitamin D is healthy and energizing, and it’s also a mood booster. Since I know I tend to feel kinda “blah” after the holidays, I like the natural happiness. Listen to a podcast, get motivated for the upcoming year, and work off a few of those holiday dinners while you’re at it.

Limit drinking

No fun, I knowww, but a lot of my friends actually do something called “Dry January.” It’s basically what it sounds like – a time to remove alcohol from your life for the month , especially if your holiday parties were full of it. It sucks at first but then honestly it feels really good! Instead, UP the antioxidants with some tea after dinner (I like adding a little lemon too!). It’s no wine, but it feels nice and cozy, and it’s hydrating as heck.

Pay Your Bills 3

Do y’all have a system for recouping after the holidays or a crazy time in general?

Do YOU do anything I listed above?


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