Self - October 2, 2019

Here’s How to Make Your October a Good Month

  • Make time to go to all the pumpkin patches, haunted houses and drink and eat all the pumpkin-flavored things, but before you do, organize your calendar and use your work time wisely so you don’t have to stress while enjoying all the fall festivities.
  • To really get the month started off right, take some time this weekend or an evening one night this week and make yourself a self-care plan. Here are my best tips on how to get started.
  • Cook yourself a fresh, season meal! Head over to the grocery store or a local farmers’ market (I think most of them go through October) and see what kind of produce is best this time of year. I’ve been wanting to try something with butternut squash!
  • If you haven’t jumped on my walking challenge bandwagon I started over on Instagram, start this month! All you have to do is walk for 30 minutes each day. It’s so easy and I love giving that time to myself. Walking just makes me feel so happy, clear-headed and refreshed! Plus, walking in fall weather is the BEST!
  • Take a look at your finances this month. I know, this sounds a little scary but I recently took a look at mine (kinda have to with planning a wedding and buying/selling a house, ha) and made sure I set some financial goals before I turn 30 next month. It kinda made me feel anxious, but once I was done I felt SO much better!
  • Y’all know I’m obsessed with organization so of course I have to include that in this list – GET ORGANIZED! Who says spring cleaning is only for the spring? Clean out your closet, your fridge, your pantry, your bathroom – everything! OK, that’s a lot LOL, so maybe just choose one to start with this month and then another next month, etc., etc.
  • With October being the start of Q4 (the official mark of the end of the year in my opinion), take time to detox your life this month before the holiday madness begins. I wrote a whole “How to Detox Your Life” series recently where I covered scheduling and routine, work, home and self-care.
  • Define your priorities for October. I have a post on how to that here, but be honest with yourself when doing it. If your priority this month is to come up with the best Halloween costume you’ve ever had, put that down! Or maybe it’s to set up an interview with your boss about a raise. Whatever it is, make it happen for yourself this month! It can be fun, work-related or anything in between.
  • If you haven’t tried round brushing your hair yet, try it this month before heading to the pumpkin patch for that cute Insta photo! It’s what I rely on when styling my hair pretty much all the time.
  • Last, but certainly not least, try to slow down a bit this month. I know I just gave you a whole list of things to do (hopefully they all seem enjoyable though), but October really is a great time of year to check in with yourself, refocus and finish the year strong. Be sure to give yourself time to do that!