Gift Guides - November 18, 2021

2021 Gift Guides: Grill Master For Him

Hope you love the products featured in this guide, and want you to know that I may receive compensation for some or all of the products featured here.

Okay so these could totally be considered gifts for him… and you. I love when Duncan grills for us so any of these items would be a total treat for me too. I’ve talked a lot about the Yummly Smart Meat Thermometer — it’s truly helped us make so many AMAZING meals by telling us exactly when to flip, take it off the grill, etc. Another grilling must-have for us is this Cast Iron Skillet. This is another item I’ve shared a ton on my stories (great for cooking pork chops) that we use on the days when the weather isn’t so great outside or we just need something quick and easy to grill. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of the items on this gift guide, so if you still need a gift idea for a guy in your life, hopefully, this gives you a few good ideas!

Brighton Butler Gift Guide Grill Master For Him

Yummly Smart Meat Thermometer – IYKYK! Literally, this is mine and Duncan’s ride-or-die electronic when it comes to cooking. You choose what meat you are cooking, stick the thermometer in, and then it does all the work for you. It tells you when to flip your meat and when to take it out of the oven — and it even accounts for cooking time while it sits.Save 10% OFF using promo code BRIGHTON10… Promo offer ends 12/31/2021,11:59 PM  EST. See checkout for offer details.

Corkcicle Can Coozie – Men and their need to drink a beer while grilling… AM I RIGHT?! We have a couple of Corkcicle products and are super impressed. They keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for seriously hours. This coozie also comes in a bunch of fun colors.

Pit Grilling Mitt – No more burns when grilling! This grilling mitt is easy to store and it’s black so it’s easy to hide all the charcoal stains.

Stainless Steel Grill Utensils – Every beginner griller needs a good set of utensils. I found this stainless steel for under $20!

Indoor Smokeless Grill – Don’t have an outdoor grill? Too cold outside? This indoor smokeless grill is perfect. It’s $50 and has a cooling drip pan that collects all the oils/fats without all the smoke.

Waxed Utility Grill Apron – I can’t tell you how many of Duncan’s shirts this has saved. Plus, it’s under $3o!

Serial Griller Cookbook – Who doesn’t love a good pun cookbook? $15 with 125 recipes perfect for any grill master.

Cast Iron Skillet – We have this cast iron skillet and use it all the time. We’ve cooked steaks, pork chops, etc., on this… and the more you use it, the better the flavor.

Sh*t Load Big Sampler Seasonings – I just HAD to include these. How fun?! Each “sh*t” is designed for a different type of meat.

Grill Prep Trays – These trays come in 3 sizes and are two different colors to safely transport raw and cooked meat. Genius!

Butcher Box – We used Butcher Box when we were in Denver and Duncan loved it. I’m considering signing back up because it was sooo nice to have quality meat delivered regularly!