Gift Guides - December 9, 2014

Gift Guide For Her: The Desk Diva

One of my favorite things to post on Instagram are photos of my work space. I mean, who doesn’t LOVE a fun (cute!) and organized desk?!

And judging by your response, I’ve got a feeling y’all like it when I share them too. So in the spirit of cute and organized work spaces, I’ve created a gift guide featuring a few of my favorite cute and fun desk accessories.

I have the ‘But First, Coffee’ thermal mug and I love it – it brings my morning cup of happiness to a whole new level.  And I’ve been using the gigiNY planners for years now – they’re my favorite. But to be honest, I think my favorite think about them isn’t neccessarily the layout of the planner, but it’s the binding. I love how they’re bound. Is that weird?! Ha! maybe so, but regardless, it’s the truth :)

Also, I think the backup charger is an awesome gift for any girl – whether she cares about how cute her desk is or not. I think we ALL find ourselves in a situation where our phone is dead and a wall charger is nowhere near. Am I right?! It’s a gift she will for sure thank you for later…next time she’s at 1% and remembers that backup charger at the bottom of her purse…

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