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My Favorite Dallas Date Night Spots

Maybe it’s because food is like my favorite thing on Earth, but if I’m gonna go on a date, I prefer it to be dinner . You get one-on-one connection, to sip on wine (#duh), and eat – the best combo ever in my book. And after being in Dallas for 4 years now, I’ve obviously tried a lot of the restaurants around town, and some just stick out as good date spots more so than others. So I thought it’d be fun to pull together a list of my absolute favorites!

best date night spots in dallas

Favorite Dallas Date Night Spots

Whether you’ve lived in Dallas forever and are bored of your usual spots, or are visiting, these are my tried and true date night spots around the city. There’s a little bit of everything on list, but I promise, all are amazingly good (like, can I come?!) and romantic in their own way.

Neighborhood Services

Neighborhood: Lovers & Inwood

I live close to this place and have to force myself not to go here once a week. It’s so stinking good and something about it just always feels “right” to me. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true. I love the atmosphere, the service is amazing, and y’all, the food is top notch. There’s zero advertising for this spot and yet it’s still packed just about every single night! That says something about how awesome it is, ya know? It’s the perfect size, too, and definitely has more of an intimate feel when compared to some of my other suggestions.

This is one of my top picks for date night out of the whole list. Between the steak frites (which who doesn’t love fancy french fries?) and the ‘too good to have just one’ drinks, this is the perfect spot to take your special someone. Besides the steak frites, Neighborhood Services has won a number of awards for the seafood, and the options they provide will satisfy just about anyone. Oh wait, I HAVE to tell you about the meatballs – OMG. They’re amazing – you’ve got to get them and let me know what you think!

Dolce Riveria

Neighborhood: Uptown (part of Harwood District)

best date night spots in dallas - Brighton Keller at Dolce Riveria in Uptown Dallas
best date night spots in dallas - Dolce Riveria in Uptown Dallas

The ambience at one of Dallas’s newest restaurants, Dolce Riviera, is nothing short of extraordinary. No but really, it’s insane. I don’t even feel like I’m in Dallas when I go and it’s always such a treat to get to dine at this spot! You walk in feeling as if you have stumbled upon the terra-cotta homes of the Mediterranean. Its classic blue and white decor makes it timeless and invites you in to enjoy all of the flavors it has to offer. I always end up going for one of the specials and a pasta, and always leave a happy camper.

One of the crowd favorites and something you should not leave without trying is their infamous tiramisu served in a martini glass. This dessert steals the show and completes the Italian experience.


Neighborhood: Lower Greenville

Terilli’s has long been a Dallas favorite for weekend date nights. This restaurant originally opened in 1985 and was recently remodeled after a tragic fire. Lucky for us, the new and improved Terilli’s not only embraced its jazz culture but added some 21st century features that make it THE place to be on the weekends. If you’re looking for a chill date night spot where you can enjoy live music, a martini, and good food, this is the place for you and your date! While you’re there make sure to visit the rooftop patio for a romantic view of the night sky – it’s soooo pretty y’all. Or if the weather’s nice, you can choose to eat out there too! I used to live over by lower Greenville and would go here on the reg.

R+D Kitchen

Neighborhood: Highland Park/Preston Center

best date night spots in Dallas - R+D Kitchen

I go here ALL THE TIME and absolutely love everything about it. The environment, the food, and even the crowd here is perfect! It’s also one of those spots I like to take people who are in town visiting just because I feel like it has just the right Dallas vibe and the food is divine. R+D actually stands for Research & Development and started as a research kitchen for Hillstone (the next spot on my list!).

The food is a little different than your typical American-themed restaurant but it’s amazing. They have a few sushi rolls on the menu and they’re all amazing and a little bit different than your typical sushi experience. When I’m feeling sushi, I always get the crunchy shrimp roll – it has macadamia nut and cilantro in it which is different than any sushi roll I’ve ever had elsewhere – but just trust me when I say it’s divine.


Neighborhood: Highland Park/Preston Center

This spot is right next to R+D in Preston Center and has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I don’t go here as often as some of the others, but it’s just as good. The best part here is the ambiance. I’m pretty sure it’s owned by the same people who own Houston’s; so if you’ve ever been, it’s a very similar darkly lit atmosphere that’s perfect for date nights and/or intimate conversation. Their courtyard and outside seating is nice for a summer or fall night in Dallas, and everyone that works there is SO freakin’ nice. Lastly, their desserts are amazing, like all of them, and a good size to split with a date. OH, and you have to have to HAVE TO order the spinach & artichoke dip. It’s among the best I’ve ever had, for real. Try it!

Le Bibloquet

Neighborhood: Knox/Henderson

best date night spots in dallas - Le Bibloquet

best date night spots in dallas - Le Bibloquet

I’ll shoot you straight on this one; it’s pretty pricey. Very ritzy outdoorsy, but man oh man is this spot good. Maybe save it for special occasions or when you’re feeling like having a fancy night, and I promise you this place will not disappoint. It’s French, with white table clothes, wicker chairs and the whole thing – it makes you feel like you’re in Paris (OK kinda). And with the views of Uptown, it’s quaint and charming everywhere you look. It’s great if you’re sick of chains or American-style restaurants and want a different experience. I’ve only ever gotten one thing on the menu and I literally crave it sometimes because it’s so stinkin’ good and leaves such an impression. If you go, definitely try the cajun chicken. It is TO DIE for. You can thank me later! I’ve heard brunch here is delish, too, if you’re looking for a nice weekend date.


Neighborhood: Knox/Henderson

best date night spots in Dallas - Taverna on Knox Street

I’ve loved Taverna for almost 10 years now! There’s a Taverna in Austin and I used to go there when I was in college at UT! And I’ve been just as big a fan since moving to Dallas, too. If you like Italian, fresh bread, and wine (slash who doesn’t?!), this will be your new jam – or should be. There’s a wood burning stove and it’s definitely got the cozy mom and pop feel that I personally look for in Italian joints – and for dates. It’s also in a cute area of Knox that’s always got fun vibes at night time. I’ve definitely been on a few dinner dates here, and then you can grab drinks somewhere close after. This is a good spot for group dinners, too – I’ve done my birthday dinner here a few times and they were easy to work with! No matter who you’re with, end the meal with cannolis – they’ll transport you straight to Italy. YUM.


Neighborhood: Oak Lawn

best date night spots - sprezza

Another great Italian place, but more chic/hip and less mom and pop. The place is always buzzing in a good way – there are big shared tables, or you can eat at “the bar” on bar stools. It’s pretty, and just clean and crisp inside. It’s inviting in all the right ways! The service is incredibly accommodating and attentive, which is always an added bonus. It’d be a smart first date choice since it’s an open kitchen and it feels casual in terms of how intimate the place is. If that makes sense? Plus, sooo much wine – like one of my favorite places to try a new bottle. They have some really unique but amazing pizzas, so I’d definitely recommend stepping outside the box a bit here!

The Grape

Neighborhood: Lower Greenville

Hands down one of the best burgers in town – they even have one deemed “the best burger in Texas” which you gotta try, obviously. The Grape is a crowd favorite and something your man will definitely enjoy (duh! who doesn’t like burgers and brews?). The also have an excellent wine selection that pairs well with their fantastic menu. So it’s good for you ladies, too! The ambience is very romantic and cozy which makes it perfect for a Saturday night out. It’s simple but cozy, and I love that it’s been around for decades. The perfect date night spot whether you’re a Dallas local or just visiting. They have great outdoor seating if you happen to go on a warm night, too!

OK, I think that’s it! This was so much fun – should I do more Dallas-style posts like this? Like maybe the best places to grab wine with the girls? Let me know! Also, if you live in Dallas, comment below with YOUR favorite date night spots!

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the best date night spots in dallas