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“How Did You Get Started blogging?”

I get this question all the time and I wish I could answer it in a comprehensive way, but the truth is that it would take weeks to explain all that I’ve learned over the past 6 years about blogging. I do however have a post I wrote about how set up the technical aspects of my blog – I’ll link it here for those interested!

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“Who Takes Your Photos?”

It really just depends. I don’t have a go-to person, to be honest – a lot of people take my photos! Depending on the situation, I’ll either have a family member, friend, or my assistant take them but then I also meet with a photographer at least once a week to shoot DSLR photos. Sometimes though, I’ll even meet with a photographer to take iPhone photos because I want an extra creative eye to help with styling and angles.  The photographers I work with the most are Beckley Co. and Vanessa. When I’m traveling with my family, my Dad is the real MVP! He’s so patient and has gotten really good with angles on the iPhone :)


“What kind of camera do you use?”

I use a mix of both DSLR photos and iPhone photos. I love having an every-day feel missed in with the more professional-looking photos to give my brand more of a girl-next-door-ish vibe to it. And plus, I want to make sure I stay relatable :) But when I do shoot, I personally use a Canon Mark 5D Mark IV and am always switching up my lenses but my personal favorite is my Sigma 24-70 2.8.

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