Frequently Asked Questions

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“What’s that eyeliner you always talk about loving so much?”

I have tried a lot of pencil eyeliners and my absolute FAVORITE so far (like, ever) has been Urban Decay’s PERVERSION pencil eyeliner. I wear it on my bottom waterline and it ACTUALLY stays throughout the day. it’s waterproof and works like a dream! I only wear it in the corner though – so I only apply to the middle of my eye if that makes sense? It’s amazing!



“What Is The Nail Polish Color You’re Always Wearing?”

I ALWAYS (always!) get the SAME thing! I love a simple white nail and usually wear this color year round! I am currently getting the powder dip for my nails because it lasts longer and is easier for me since I’m either traveling or don’t always have time to visit the nail salon. It works well for me! And I literally ask for “white”. If they’re confused, then I clarify by saying that I want the white these for a french manicure – yeah, literally opaque white.