Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Ask Brighton.


“Where did You get Your Diamond Necklace?”

Unfortunately, it can’t be purchased anywhere! The diamond necklace that you see me wearing just about every day is custom-designed by my mama – she is SO talented. My two sisters and I all have similar necklaces that we got when we turned 18 years old. Each of the diamonds was previously my mom’s and then turned into a necklace for us, so they’re very special to us!


“Where Did You Go To School? What Did You Major In?”

I went to The University of Texas in Austin and loved it! I’m originally from Baton Rouge, Lousiana (where I went to U-High if you’re from there!).  So going to Texas was an out-of-state experience for me, which made it even more fun because I got to meet so many new people! I majored in Business Honors (it’s a special program at UT) & Accounting. And then after school, I got my CPA and worked at a ‘big four’ public accounting firm.


“How Tall Are You For Sizing Reference?”

I’ve been told I look a lot taller than I actually am in photos! I’m actually 5″4′ and usually wear size 25 jeans.