Fall - September 14, 2020

Fall Wedding Outfit Ideas

Fall Weddings 2020 Floral Dress the Population

I know the fall wedding season (and just 2020 weddings in general) looks a bit different this year than we all planned, and my heart goes out to all the couples dealing with Covid while also planning their wedding – I feel for you!! But I still wanted to put together some ideas for y’all on what to wear if you are attending a wedding this month or next.

Fall has always been my favorite season to go to weddings because, first, who doesn’t love fall temperatures?! Especially in the south! By September/October we would just be starting to get normal summer temps like 70s and 80s so it’s the best time for a wedding. I also really love the color palette for fall – so many great yellows, greens and oranges! You’ll definitely see lots of those colors throughout the dresses I picked, so if that’s a vibe you’re looking for, I think you’ll enjoy my picks.

Fall Weddings 2020 Floral Dress the Population

I actually found my dress after I had already chosen everything for this post so it’s not in the graphic, but you can still shop it here! See all the colors I was talking about mixed into it? I LOVE it! Also very into the sheer layering – I feel like that’s a trend I’m seeing a lot of this year and found a few others for y’all that incorporate it as well.

Also just want to add that a dress for fall does not necessarily have to be long-sleeved. A lot of my picks do have sleeves, and I love a sleeved dress (obviously), but don’t be afraid to layer for any moments you’ll be outside. Once you’re indoors and/or start dancing you’ll warm right up!

Outfit Details

Dress: Dress the Population Floral Embroidered Lace Dress (I’m wearing a size S – fits TTS) // Shoes: Sam Edelman Black Pointed Toe Pump (I’m wearing a size 7) // Bag: Louis Vuitton Louise Clutch