Beauty - November 7, 2014

Fall Nails

Fall Nail Colors

[Row 1] OPI Skating on Thin Iceland // Essie Going Incognito // Essie Power Clutch // [Row 2] Essie Style Cartel // OPI You Don’t Know Jacques // Essie Bahama Mama // [Row 3] Essie Bobbing for Baubles // Essie Take It Outside // OPI Ski Teal We Drop

In honor of #ManiMonday I thought it would be fun to do a nail-color-themed post on fall nail color trends. I did a similar post last year that you all seemed to like a lot so here we go for round two! Some of the colors are the same (because they’re just straight up GREAT colors), but I’ve switched it up a bit and ‘updated’ the list for THIS year.

As far as quote-on-quote ‘trends’ go…are there really ever nail polish trends? If anything, I think there’s more of a long nail or short nail trend where the majority of ladies either go one way or another. I’d say the current trend is darker colors and shorter nails? But then again, that’s just a shot in the dark based on MY observations (which isn’t much of anything special…)

But going off of these observations, I’ve seen a lot of tans and neutrals as well as grey-ish blues and charcoal-ish colors.

Has anyone tried Essie’s Going Incognito (top center)?! I’m curious to hear if you liked it or not?! I don’t think I’ve ever tried a hunter/army green on my nails…

…Here are some of my favorite metallic-ish colors I’ve seen…these might be fun to try! I especially LOVE the Armed & Ready color!


Armed & Ready // Jiggle Hi Jiggle Lo

Very Structured // Penny Talk

No Place Like Chrome // Blue Rhapsody

OPI Nail Color You Don't Know Jacques

I’m currently wearing OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques and I really like it. And yeah….I know my hands look SUPER awk – but then again, there’s a reason I’m not a hand model. I was trying to show all my nails AND hold the bottle AND cover up the ugly white pain pen stripe at the top (ha! #ForgiveMe).

I’m thinking I’ll try something from the new Essie Fall 2014 collection next time! What’re your favorite nail colors right now?! Any suggestions?