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Essential Undergarments

essential undergarments every girl should have in her closet

I still remember my mom taking me to the lingerie section of a department store to find a bra that actually fit – aka once I grew out of my ‘Limited Too‘ trainer bras. Please tell me I’m not the only one that shopped there? That place was THE SPOT to get your middle school bras and undies – I’m actually LOLing thinking about it because it’s SO true.

Anyway, back to getting an ACTUAL bra once I was ready for the ‘big girl’ bra squad. At the time, I was mortified (and all embarrassed and awkward since I was a high school girl annoyed at life), but I’m so thankful I learned how important it is to get the right and best-fitting underwear early on. Getting the right bras and ‘under things’ is NECESSARY (to being a woman in general – insert sassy emoji here!) and an integral part of putting outfits together if you ask me! It’s right up there with tailoring—it can make or break an outfit, and is one of the most important parts of getting dressed and feeling good.

Essential Underwear – My GO-TO’s For All Things “Under”

After getting several requests from y’all regarding my favorite racerback bras, bandeaus, and the like, I took your suggestions and decided to round up my GO-TO selections for all things underwear. The items below are a MUST for me. Without them, I feel totally limited on what I can wear, plus I don’t feel as confident. I’d highly suggest treating yourself to these female necessities if you don’t have them already!

essential undergarments

1. The T-shirt Bra

A T-shirt bra (I love this one by Natori and this one by Calvin Klein) is the perfect everyday throw-on bra for any occasion. I would recommend a nude shade that isn’t overly padded and comfortable for you to wear all day long. Most important is the fit; you want to make sure it actually fits your bust size and shows no lines or weird wrinkles under your favorite white tee. If you aren’t sure what your fit is, go into a lingerie store like I mentioned above.

Recommendations: Calvin Klein ‘F2781’ Soft Cup Contour Bra // Warcoal How Perfect Wire Free Contour Bra (SO comfortable!) // Natori T-shirt bra

2. Your Go-To Strapless Bra

Everyone needs a strapless bra – like, duh. Strapless bras are a girl’s best friend when it comes to working with most clothing – especially in the summer (and with some of my winter sweaters too). At the moment, my favorite strapless bra is THIS ONE by Felina – I’m obsessed. It’s comfortable, creates a nice shape and the fabric seamlessly blends with my other clothing. Also, if you’re wearing a white or off-white shirt, the color of this bra is perfect because it’s just the right shade of nude.

I wear my strapless bra more than any other one. And during the summer months, it’s practically ALL I wear since it works with just about every type of top. Once you find one that works for you, it’s so easy to wear with everything and not have to worry about straps showing – even if the shirt has sleeves. I personally prefer to wear a strapless bra that has a gel lining on the inside so it actually stays situated. The gel lining gives it good grip and you won’t have to worry about pulling it up throughout the day. If you wear your strapless bra more often than other bras (like I mentioned I do!), I would suggest replacing it often – I try and get a new one every 6-8 months.

Recommendations: Felina Underwire ‘Body Luxe’ Contour bra (runs TTS – SO GOOD)

3. A Go-To Nude Slip For Sheer-ish Things

With all the sheer and semi-sheer trending items, a full slip is a great way to avoid feeling revealing when slipping into whatever. It sounds silly to say such an ‘old fashioned’ item is still a necessity, but I have run into multiple times when a white dress was just too sheer without a slip. Our grandmas were onto something!

Recommendations: Yummie A Line Slip (Also shape wear!) // SPANX ‘Thinstincts’ convertible slips

4. Adhesive backless bra (aka Sticky Bra)

These bras are ideal for any occasions when you might be wearing a backless dress or top. There are two types of adhesive bras: one where the adhesive is attached to the side and not the cup; or where the cups themselves are adhesive and clasp together in the front. How exposed your back is will really determine which one fits best for the occasion. Personally, I don’t like the adhesive cups because they don’t stick to my skin as well, and it’s hard to keep them up if you start to sweat.

Recommendations: Nordstrom U-Plunge Bra // Nu Bra

5. Shapewear

This is one of my favorite types of slips to wear. If you are ever wearing anything form-fitting, shapewear will be your BFF. I prefer to wear SPANX under my dresses, but have also heard good things about Yummie Tummie – it’s a personal preference. What shapewear does for you under skirts and dresses is help create a smooth line from your tummy all the way down your legs. It’s perfect for concealing any worry areas and will make you 10x more confident!

Recommendations: SPANX Mid Thigh Shaper

6. Your BFF, Nude slash “barely there” thong

For those date night dresses that are form-fitting, a microfiber thong is the perfect no-show underwear. It’s most important to stay away from undies that might bunch or show seams when wearing a tighter dress. The ones below don’t bunch or show.

Recommendations: Hanky Panky Low Rise Thong //  Commando Microfiber Thong

7. A Comfy Sports bra

Whether you workout every day or sporadically, a sports bra is an essential to have. They are oh-so-comfy and ideal to wear at the gym, grocery, or just at home for lounging. Although this bra doesn’t have much support for hitting the gym, I absolutely love to wear the Calvin Klein sports bra around the house or running errands because it’s SO SOFT and not too tight – I barely even feel like I’m wearing a bra. Heaven! I sized up so that it would fit a little looser and be a comfort and lounge-wear bra.

8. The Racerback Bra

A racerback bra is a good addition for any t-back tops you might have hanging in your closet. If you’re having problems wearing any kind of tank with your straps exposed, this is the bra for you. It’s also a perfect alternative to always wearing a strapless bra or when you need more support. I love the Calvin Klein T-back bra because it’s wonderful for tanks and never shows any lines.

Recommendations:the Calvin Klein T-back bra // I also love this racerback one by Betsy Johnson (it’s actually what I’ve been wearing on the regular lately!) // Natori Feathers Underwire Contour Bra (I’ve heard SO MANY GREAT THINGS about this bra but I haven’t personally tried it! although I felt like it was still worth mentioning!)

9. Your Go-To Bandeau

For any tops that have large arm holes or are too plunge to wear on their own, a bandeau is the perfect option! Lace ones like the Free People option are becoming more popular and a nice way to add extra texture to any outfit. They are also surprisingly supportive and can be worn under sweaters when you don’t want to wear an uncomfortable wire bra.  I suggest having a plain white and black one that can go under anything!

Recommendations: Free People Racerback Bralette // BP. Undercover Bandeau // Free People Lace Halter Bralette // Free People Strappy Back Bralette

10. Fashion Tape

This is a given y’all – every girl needs fashion tape in her wardrobe! It’s such an easy fix for gaping or loose clothing you might be struggling to wear. It especially helps with tops that you feel are too revealing, or if you’re at a wedding or church where you want to look modest. A little fashion tape and they will stay in place and look great!

Recommendations: Nordstrom Fashion Tape 

11. A Pair of Opaque Tights

Tights are a great staple for the fall and winter. Here in Texas we have an awkward time where it’s too chilly to wear a dress, but a little too warm to be fully covered up. That is where opaque tights come in handy (I wear these by DKNY)! I love to wear mine under dresses and skirts with riding boots for a fall/winter look that is appropriate for the season, but still lets me wear those cute little swing dresses.

Recommendations: DKNY Opaque Control Top Tights //  Commando Opaque Control Top Tights

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