Lifestyle - December 5, 2018

5 December Expenses I’m Budgeting For

Does anyone else think that November flew by? Like somehow it should still be October in my mind? But here we are, December!

Did you guys enjoy the blast post at the beginning of last month talking about budgeting in November? Based on the analytics on my end, it seemed like you did! So I decided to bring it back for December and share my thoughts on how we can prepare (together!) for one of the most exciting months of the year!

As I’m sure you’re WELL aware, December can be REALLY expensive – and especially if you don’t have a plan for it. There are so many (fun) things happening and it can be really challenging to avoid letting all of the fun stuff take a huge hit to your bank account. SO…I want to help you guys (& and myself, duh) get ahead so that you’re prepared when some of these December goodies sneak up on you!

Christmas Presents

I know I mentioned this one last month. But let’s be real, how many of us are actually finished (or have started) our Christmas shopping? Definitely not me which is why I’m bringing it up again. Like I said last time, give yourself a budget! I like to specify how much I want to spend on each person. This way, I don’t feel overwhelmed because I know I have freedom to spend within the limit I’ve given myself – it’s a win/win!

Wrapping Supplies

Once you’ve finished Christmas shopping, you’ll probablyyyyy want to wrap your presents. Wrapping paper, bows, boxes, etc. can get pricey. So I want to give yall a few tips on things you can do to save money on wrapping! If you bought your gift from a store, don’t forget to ask the store if they will wrap it for you. Sometimes they will do this at no cost and other times the store will charge you a small fee (which can be worth it if you’re in a time crunch). Or a store will usually at least supply a box! I love the wrapping supples sold at TJ Maxx and Homegoods – they always have a great selection and you can usually get it at a great price. World Market also has great, high quality wrapping supplies as well.

Christmas Tree & Ornaments

Christmas trees are my absolute favorite. I mean nothing makes a home feel like Christmas like a fully decorated, brightly lit up Christmas tree! I LOVE going to pick out the perfect tree and then spending a night at home to decorate it! I would say choose wisely when you’re deciding where to buy your tree because some of the smaller boutique Christmas tree shops tend to charge a little more than a home improvement store like Lowes or Home Depot.

Secret Santa Exchanges

Sometimes I feel like I end up going to sooooo many Secret Santa Gift Exchanges. Which is so fun but this means that I have to buy lots of small gifts 😊 Usually, the group participating in the gift exchange will set a price limit so this makes it easy to shop. It’s helpful if you can get an idea of how many small gift exchange parties you’ll be attending. This will help you can get ahead by starting to shop now for your gift because waiting until the last minute to buy a gift can sometimes lead to overspending!

Holiday and NYE Parties

Bring on the parties! I love going to all of the fun holiday parties during this time of year! Whether it’s a tacky Christmas sweater party, a fancy work party, or a New Years Eve Party,

I think they are all fun because everyone is in the Christmas spirit and what’s better than that?! Just remember to budget for all the holiday parties so you can buy a fun, tacky sweater or a new dress for a fancy party. OR if you don’t want to buy a new dress, I love to use Rent the Runway for a nice event. They have great options and they even send you a second size for free. Winning!

Sweater details: I’m wearing size regular XS and love the chunky-fit of this sweater AND the color is so pretty!