Style - May 15, 2017

VLOG No. 2: A Day in The Life

Hey guys! So excited to share this video with you! It was hard to narrow down what a “typical” day looks like because to be honest, every day is SO different. But I did my best to taking you through an ideal day – showing you LOTS of behind the scenes footage of how I actually get things done over here at Brighton The Day!

When I put content together for my blog, I try to put my BEST foot forward, but with these blogs it’s REALLY my intention NOT to hold back and show you what my life ACTUALLY looks like – without any sort of filter. So I didn’t clean my house before filming this, didn’t put on makeup and I tried to just BRING you with me throughout my day without putting my thought into it.

In this VLOG you’ll see what my typical morning looks like, a glimpse into the daily grind of emails and working with Lisel (my assistant), and then a few behind the scenes of a few blog posts I published recently on Brighton The Day.

Here’s a quick run down of what you’ll see in this video + links to the related content on the blog or outfit details!

  • Early Morning Wakeup Call – Time to GET UP – gosh, waking up is literally the HARDEST. I have to sleep with my phone on the other side of the room so I’m FORCED to walk across my room and turn my alarm off. But even still, I end up pressing snooze a few too many times!
  • Coffee, Breakfast & Quiet Time – Like I mention in the video, it’s so hard for me not to immediately start my day but I force myself to have a quiet time before I get into my day!
  • Time to workout – okay #confessions y’all, I don’t workout every single day but I’ve started working out every OTHER day a few weeks ago because I’m trying to get in shape. My roomies and I have started working out with a personal trainer to really take things to the next level. Plus, we all need the motivation and accountability of having someone yell at us tell us what to do (ha!). We’re working out at VIVE Personal Training in Dallas (we’re training with Brock Boatman FYI)
  • Getting Dressed – Whether or not I do the whole 9 yards getting dressed fiasco depends on what I’ve got going on that day. But I usually try to put together at least 1 cute outfit a day regardless of whether or not I even leave the house because it keeps me inspired.
  • Working with Lisel – We showed a little glimpse into my work environment with Lisel in this VLOG. A lot of what I do can be done by simply sitting at a computer and some days, that all I do. There’s SO MUCH admin stuff that goes on behind the scenes that I KNOW a lot of people don’t realize. So take this little part of the video and multiply it because this is A LOT of what makes BTD possible. Typically, when on the computer we do stuff like inbox management, planning the editorial calendar and researching new content, writing new content, scheduling social amplification for our posts, going back and forth with brands for collaborations, shopping, trend research, and the list goes on…
  • Photoshoots – I don’t have photoshoots every day, but I typically have one every OTHER Day – whether it’s to get photos for instagram or blog content. In this VLOG I showed you the behind the scenes of how we got blog content photos for the following blog posts::
    • How To Pull of Beach Makeup – This is my favorite part of the video because it’s just so funny how we were able to make this photo come to life given the limited “photography” resources I have haha. I don’t have any formal equipment so we had to just make do with what I had and it’s pretty funny if I do say so myself (ha!). In the photo, I’m wearing this new one piece I just got and wore last week at the beach with my family – I LOVE IT!
    • Carry-On Essentials – You’ll see us shooting this and me trying to figure out what to wear in the photos so I didn’t look out of place or too “dressed up” for packing (you’ll just need to watch to see what I’m talking about)
  • Shopping – the video ends with my going to the mall because I’ll usually make at least one trip a week or spend a few hours online trying to find new items or looking for inspiration!

Let me know what you think!!