Motherhood - September 15, 2022

Dagne Dover Diaper Bag Comparison

We’re halfway through September, which means we’re a month away from meeting baby No. 2! I’m in FULL on prep mode right now — here’s a look at everything I’m doing to prepare for this baby so I feel as confident as possible for delivery and postpartum.

One of the things at the top of my list was finding a good diaper bag. Now that I’ve got two kids under two years of age, I need something that will carry a lot of stuff. I also wanted something that Duncan and I could both wear and wouldn’t feel too feminine.

Brighton Butler Dagne Dover Diaper Bag Comparison

I’m a huge fan of Dagne Dover bags. In fact, you may remember I reviewed the Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag recently. It feels like their bags are designed for a specific need and there are always enough pockets and compartments for whatever the situation.

I decided to buy the Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Backpack in both the medium size and the large size and see which I like best. Honestly, I think there are a ton of pros to each one, but I had a definite favorite after reviewing each.

In case you’re trying to decide between the Dagne Dover Medium Diaper Bag and the Dagne Dover Large Diaper Bag, hopefully, this will give you the info you need to make an informed decision. You can also see a quick overview of my review on my Instagram Reels.


When looking for a diaper bag, I wanted one that would hold everything I need for both kids. Four isn’t potty trained yet, so I have to bring diaper supplies for two kids. This includes diapers, wipes, and a changing pad of some sort. Both sizes of this bag include a mini changing mat and extra pouches for dirty clothes, which I found super helpful.

I also always bring a change of clothes for Four now (and will do so with baby too) since I’ve made the mistake of not doing that and highly regretted it in the past. Then I will always bring formula and a bottle for baby and any snacks that Four may need. Finally, I love bringing a sound machine in case we’re trying to get Four down for a nap in the car or at a friend’s house. I fit all of the sound machine supplies in one of these organizer pouches that I pretty much bring with me everywhere (they’re great for travel too).


The medium diaper bag is $195, while the large diaper bag is $215. Honestly, considering the extra space you get with the larger size, that really isn’t a huge difference. In my opinion, you get way more space for not much more cost, which is a big win!


Each bag has a laptop pocket inside, which is nice (although not sure I’ll ever be on my laptop with both kiddos ha). According to the website, the medium bag will fit most 13″ laptops and tablets and the large will fit most 15″ laptops. I do like that both bags come with a dustbag to protect your laptop as well.

Each bag also has a drink holder, which is perfect if you’re bringing pre-made bottles and you don’t want them spilling inside your bag. This will also be great for me to put Four’s waters in because I’ve had issues with them spilling in other bags before.

Both bags have two other interior pockets that would be great to organize wipes and any random items you don’t have a spot for. I did notice that the larger size just gives you more space for storage inside, while the medium FIT, but felt a bit tighter.


Dagne Dover gets me with their exterior pockets. I need easily accessible pockets on the outside of my bags that I can throw my phone, keys, cards, etc., into, and these bags don’t disappoint. There are two pockets on the sides of each bag that are perfect for bottles and drinks that you need to quickly put in your bag.

They also have two zippers on the front of the bag that goes to the same pocket — which was actually nice because I could store my travel wipe container in there and it fits perfectly. And there are two hidden pockets in the back for any other items you might need to store. I think shoes would work well in those.

The real kicker for me is the luggage sleeve on these bags. I can’t tell you how helpful this is when you’re traveling. I can set my diaper bag on top of my rolling luggage and not have to worry about dragging one more thing around the airport.

Oh! I should also mention that they both include a strap that can be attached to a stroller, which is actually really helpful.


To be totally honest, I think both of these bags are a great option. They both have the same number of pockets, but the larger size offers more space to pack a blanket or any extra items you might want to bring with you.

Considering the price point isn’t drastically different, I recommend the larger diaper bag over the medium. After trying both on, the large doesn’t *feel* too big or chunky on my bag, but it does offer a lot more storage space! Check out my Instagram Reels to see how both bags look on me.

I hope this review was helpful for you. If you have any specific questions that I didn’t answer, feel free to leave a comment below!

Brighton Butler Dagne Dover Diaper Bag Comparison

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