Gift Guides - November 9, 2018

Cozy Day Gift Guide

Every year, this is one of my absolute favorite gift guides to put together. As soon as the temperature drops, I’m looking for any and every excuse to get ALL the snuggles in! I’ll take a night in with my glass of wine and Netflix (or a book!) over just about anything! Anyone else? Even the idea of it gets me excited! And the weather is FINALLY starting to chill out (ha, literally) in Dallas I’m pumped to finally get my **actual** snuggles sessions in (aka without cranking my AC up lol). All that to say, I think “cozy things” are the best gifts ever, so I’m excited about today’s gift guide!

Which item is your favorite? And did I miss anything?!

White Mittens – Gosh these mittens are so dang cute! Perfect for bopping around the shops during the winter or going to get cocoa! A plus, they’re under $20!

Pink Slippers – Featured these on my boyfriend gift guide too, because they’re that great! Classic style and not as bulky as some other slippers I’ve seen. Under $30!

Candle – Love this candle for its pretty glass! Also the scent is AMAZING! This brand has the most insane scents too so you can’t choose a bad one!

Pink Pillow – Spice up your bedroom this winter with a cozy pillow! Love that this pillow is one color but adds a bit of texture.

Off Shoulder Sweater – Oh em geee the color of this sweater, y’all! Also it’s so soft and you can wear the neckline off the shoulder or as a cowlneck – so A+ for versatility. Also it’s under $30, BAM!

Artsy Mug – A good mug on a dreary, snowy day is crucial to achieving premium coziness, am I right?! This one is so cute and comes in blue too!

Sleep Mask – Trying to nap it up on cozy day in? This eye mask is so necessary and blocks out the haters, oops I mean the light, when you’re trying to catch some zzz’s.

White PJ Set – Love a good pj set that has shorts! This one is perfect for the person in your life that wears their pjs way after they have gotten out of bed…ahem, like me! Ha!

Grey Cowlneck Waffle Knit Pullover & Grey Waffle Knit Sweatpants – Something easy to lounge in is essential for the holidays. This waffle knit set is perfect to chill out all day in and not even THINK about leaving the house. Cuddle-friendly for sure!

Grey Gingham PJ Set – Another set, but just because it’s amazing. This one is for the colder nights when you need a full long sleeve and full pant to snuggle in. Love the pattern. Love the color. All around love them!

Pink Fluffy Cardigan – I think I am most obsessed with this item because you can easily wear it in or out of the house and no one would know that you were lounging all day in it! It comes in five colors so pick your fave!

Grey Scarf – Love, love, love this scarf. Texture, length, design! It’s the perfect gift for someone who is always looking for one more item to layer on for warmth!

Nubby Pullover – Everyone loves a nubby pullover and this one is under $50 so you know it’s a winner. Comes in one other color too!

White Scarf – This cable knit white scarf will be a staple in winter outfits everywhere. Give the gift of style, ladies! So cute and only $68!

Grey Blanket – If you really never want leave your house (or whoever you gift this to’s house) then purchase this blanket. Never felt anything softer. For. Real. It’s also under $80 so…what’re you waiting for?!