Travel - October 2, 2020

Fall Getaway at The Broadmoor

brighton and duncan butler cloud camp at the broadmoor
brighton butler at qroadmoor cloud camp sitting on hammock
brighton butler mountain hiking outfit, plaid shirt wrapped around waist with leggings and hiking boots
Broadmoor Cloud Camp view on top of Cheyenne Mountain

You might have seen or followed along on Instagram, but I wanted to share a little more about our trip this past weekend to The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs! I’ve gotten a few questions and I’d love to have a place where I can send people and house some images of our experience! I saved my stories from the weekend to a highlight but I think those expire after a year.

Plus, if you have any specific questions, feel free to comment on this post and I’ll get back to you!

The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs
fly fishing at the Broadmoor

If you missed it, last weekend Duncan and I spent 3 nights at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs! We did one night at the main resort (images above) and then 2 nights at their wilderness experience called Cloud Camp. While at the Broadmoor (main property), we went to dinner at the Italian restaurant the night we got there, and then the following morning, before heading to Cloud Camp, we did a little fly fishing! It was such a great and relaxing way to kick off the weekend!

Cloud Camp at The Broadmoor

Cloud Camp, as I mentioned above, is part of the Broadmoor resort but is an entirely different experience in my opinion. It’s located at the top of Cheyenne Mountain (9,200 feet elevation), which is adjacent to the main Broadmoor property. We stayed at the main property one night and then transferred to Cloud Camp but you could just do Cloud Camp if you prefer!

Broadmoor Cloud Camp sunrise
the lodge at Cloud Camp the broadmoor

In order to get to the top of the mountain where Cloud Camp is located, we met at a designated area at The Broadmoor in order to be shuttled up the mountain. They have a few different arrival times you can choose from and free valet to hold your car while you’re up the mountain. It was super easy and everything was taken care of – including our luggage once we got up the mountain (so nice!). The same goes for when you’re departing Cloud Camp – there are a few departure times and they’ll shuttle you down the mountain right back to your car!

If you couldn’t tell from my stories, we had the BEST time and will most likely visit again! We loved so many things about it and think it would be fun to come back with a few of our couple friends. It’s truly the perfect weekend getaway with just the right combination of relaxation and adventure!

I think one of our favorite things about Cloud Camp, other than the views, is the sense of community you feel upon arrival and throughout your stay. It’s a little different than most travel experiences and I think that’s what really stuck out to us.

It’s an all-inclusive experience, meaning your meals and many of your activities are included in your room rate. You eat all your meals at the same place (the Lodge) and with everyone else staying there. It was really awesome getting to know people and visit during meals as well as some of the activities we did! There’s definitely a family feel to the place and we loved that!

During our stay, we did a few activities but there was so much to choose from! We did yoga, a guided hike, cooking class, archery and lots of sitting by the fire. All the meals are carefully curated by the in-house chef with a pre-prepared menu, which we thought was fun! Oh, one thing we didn’t get to do but I’d like to next time is get massages in our room. I saw that option too late and they were already booked, but it sounds amazing!

view of pikes peak from cloud camp, qroadmoor wilderness experience
yoga at cloud camp, the qroadmoor wilderness experience
brighton butler wearing plaid shirt with hiking boots, hiking outfit, hiking boots
one of the hot tubs at the broadmoor cloud camp

I also can’t forget that they have hot tubs with amazing views that you can rent for hours at a time.

I want to note that Cloud Camp is a seasonal experience, so it’s only open from about April/May until the end of October, usually. However, we did hear while we were there that there’s an option of renting it out for Thanksgiving or Christmas if you have a big group or wanted to get your whole family together.

Let me know if there’s anything I didn’t cover and I’d be happy to answer!

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