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4 Chic Fall Decor Ideas

I cannot believe it’s already October and time to start thinking about the holidays! Even though it’s still way too hot in Dallas, the whole city is in fall decor mode and just ignoring the temps. I’m doing the same thing, because I’m just over summer.

Halloween is one of those holidays that can be super fun or stressful. I feel like as you get older, you’re obviously not trick-or-treating and spending hours days thinking about it – well maybe some Halloween lovers are! – but then you feel lame if you fully ignore the holiday. Since Halloween is usually when things REALLY start to feel like fall around here, I do love the freshness that comes with it.

I’m not the most decor-obsessed person on the planet, but I definitely appreciate quick ways to decorate. I love the feel of a place when it’s decorated and holiday-appropriate, but I’m more drawn to chic, minimalist decorations as opposed to anything too in your face.

With Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner, I’ve been looking for inspiration for my own home. Instead of thinking of how I can decorate the ENTIRE house, I’m focusing on sprucing up just a couple spaces – think doorway or foyer, mantel, a table, or even a couple random empty corners. This thought process has been way less stressful than trying to cover so much ground, and it’s totally doable for me! So here we go, let’s chat ways to add a little fall/autumn decor around your house.

1. Decorate Your Doorway or Foyer

Adding a little seasonal flair to your doorway, porch or even foyer is a great (and easy!) way to get started. Everyone sees it and you get to enjoy it every single time you come home too (which let’s be honest, is 80% of the fun anyway!). Welcome-to-my-home decor is classic and doesn’t take too much work. Plus, it could cost as little as $5 if you just wanted to add a few little pumpkins!

You can easily put your own spin on it and go as simple/subtle or dramatic and super festive as you want. Pumpkins, sticks, and flowers all can hold up pretty well in fall weather, so I like those options. Plus, going to the pumpkin patch is always a fun thing to do this time of year so you could make a family (or friends!) event out of it! Here are a few things I found around the web that I thought would be cute for either your front door, porch, or foyer way:

2. Spice Up Your Mantel For The Season

If you have a mantel in your house, it’s probably my favorite way to decorate in colder months. Something about the decorations next to a fire (or even the idea of it) is cozy and I love it. I’m into the idea of keeping the theme of a house and bringing it into decor – so like gold or silver pumpkins depending on what colors you have in your home. Again, adding sticks or even greenery to a mantel mixed with these Halloween ideas are durable and so chic.

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Image via JustDesinyMag

I just keep staring at that living room above (the one with the Eucalyptus) and it makes me want to paint the fireplace/mantel in our rental house SO BAD. Like, I’m dying slash itching to get out of here. For some reason, the owners want to keep the original (dark DARK red brick) – if only they could “see” what I can see (aka…an improvement! slash beauty!). But anyway, back to that mantel above; I’m obsessed with that round, brass-rim mirror (and it’s only $42 – WHAT?!) – especially paired with all that beautiful Eucalyptus in the clear, glass vases. Ugh, TO DIE for. I can’t wait to decorate a mantel one day :)

3. Add a Little Fall Flair To Your Table

Dressing up a table is great because I feel like it adds to the communal aspect of eating at a table, plus it’s just more fun! I’m guilty of often eating my meals at my desk (or even my bed…), but when a table is all decorated, it’s more reason to actually eat there! This is especially perfect if you’re a host and are having any get-togethers soon. Pumpkins are a super easy way to add a few autumn vibes to your table decor, but I also love the idea of adding a shabby chic look to it with an all-neutral color scheme like the tables are done in the images below.

For tableware, I think these white plates with the “Get Stuffed” gold artwork (or these “Thanks A Lattee” ones from Target) are adorable – especially when paired with gold silverware. And I know it’s not even Halloween yet, but I thought this little driftwood turkey decor guy was just TOO stinkin’ adorable not to share – I want my Thanksgiving table to be full of these little dudes and pumpkin floral arrangement like I talked about in yesterday’s “embracing fall” post. While on the topic of decorating the table and cooking in general, how cute is this pumpkin cast iron cockette? Makes me want to throw on a cute apron and make a pot roast right now!

All this talk about decorating for Fall has me itching for Thanksgiving and then the real deal – aka Christmas. I’m not a huge fan of Halloween, but I do love the month of October and how everyone starts to get in the “Fall” state of mind leading up to it. But more than anything, talking about fall decor has me dreaming of owning and decorating my own home one day – I can hardly wait!

So what did you think?! I don’t usually do these types of posts so I’m going out on a limb here trying to keep things interesting and different. What did you think? Are you decorating for Fall at all with your family or room mates?! If so, what’re you doing!? I would love to hear!