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New Home Bedroom Decorating Update: Sources + What’s Next?

Hey guys! So I’ve actually been sitting on these photos for a few weeks, but I spent all weekend working on my house so it seemed fitting to finally update y’all on what’s been going on with my bedroom decorating process. It’s been fun to share the process with y’all and I enjoy hearing your feedback on everything as well. I love that I’m able to take everything slowly (decorating, I mean) and that I can share the journey with you – rather than just showing you the “reveal” or finished (perfectly done) product/room, you know?

My mom came in town this weekend to help me move a few things along with the house – it was SO fun having her here. I didn’t want to her to leave! I’ll let you know what we accomplished in the house and give you sources on everything I’ve done so far regarding my bedroom specifically. But first I’m going to take you to the VERY beginning of my bedroom – so you can see the process and journey of how it’s come to be where it is NOW and where it’s hopefully going to be eventually!

bedroom update iphone photos 7

When I bought the house, the master bedroom had carpet. Before signing, I had the builder put wood floors in here because I LOVE the way that wood floors look :)

bedroom update iphone photos

And then after I got that finished, the very first thing I purchased for my bedroom was my bed. I fell in love with it at first sight and KNEW I was going to decorate my bedroom around it! And then I got the blinds made for privacy and then came decorating (sort of).

bedroom update iphone photos 6

Next I started figuring out what I wanted to go on my bed. Since I’m not married and now’s probably the only time I’ll be able to have all pink everything (ha!), I wanted to do something feminine and that I LOVE. I’ve always wanted a blush pink bedroom so I’m DOING IT. Above is the day we were choosing between the final selects for my bedding!

Below is what it looks like now::

Brightontheday Bedroom update light pink velvet pillows with green leopard accent green and pink bedroom pillows

Source Details:

BEDDING – All my bedding (except for decorative pillows) is from Peacock Alley – the best and prettiest bed you can buy if you ask me! I love their stuff!!

PILLOWS – I worked with my designer Alison and got my decorative pillows (aka the pink and green printed one) custom made.  The green fabric is by Schumacher – it’s their “iconic leopard”.

Now let’s look at the entire bedroom as it is NOW…

Brightontheday Bedroom update canopy bed

So this is where the bedroom is now and what we’ve done so far. And to be honest, I don’t love it. I know, I’m SO difficult. But to be fair, I think decorating in general just takes a long time (and I’m over here trying to rush it!). Here’s the thing, I love everything separately and on it’s own but I’m not obsessed with it all together. Something about the room as a whole just isn’t jiving for me. But I know that’s mostly because we aren’t finished yet. I know, I know – PATIENCE.

What’s the problem?

(1) Well, for starters I think the white walls have to go*. I always thought I would forever have white walls everywhere – you know, being a blogger and all and how white everything makes for great pictures. But something about these stark white walls in my bedroom makes it feel unfinished, stale, and just not like a bedroom. I don’t know? So we’re going to pain the walls a light grey – you might have seen up playing around with colors on my instagram stories a few weeks ago?

bedroom update iphone photos 2

(2) It looks like nobody lives here slash so BLAH. The fact that there’s nothing on the walls REALLY isn’t helping my case. I think hanging a few things up will really help pull the room together. I’m working on this right now but our first step is this really pretty hand-painted Gracie panel I’m going to put on the left wall. I’m so excited about it and think it will add a lot to the room!

(3) Lastly, the side tables KILL me. (Scared face because I feel bad for saying that since they’re so nice). Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE these side tables, BUT I really don’t love them in here. I can’t put my finger on why but something about them just doesn’t look right. So I’m trying to decide if I want to deal with the headache of selling them (ugh they were freaking expensive) or if I want to just force myself to deal with them. Plus, if I got new ones, I don’t even know what to look for. But that blue-ish grey just irks me.

Brightontheday Bedroom update canopy bed

NOW for the SOURCES. At the end of the post I’m going to share what my next steps are, but I wanted to give y’all all the bedroom sources for those of you asking. Let me know if I forgot anything – happy to answer your questions!

BED – One of my most frequently asked questions on instagram stories is where I got my bed from. For those of you asking, I got my canopy bed from Front Gate! and I LOVE it!

BENCH – I got this custom made by my friend over at Liven Up Design; she’s the same one that made my leopard X-benches I’ve got in my living room.

SHADES – I got these custom made for my windows and I don’t even know the fabric it is – my designer picked it out.

RUG – umm I don’t even know but if you’re dying to know, I can find out. Just comment below. gahh sorry.

Brightontheday Bedroom update bedside tables grey and gold worlds away

SIDE TABLES – The side tables are by World’s Away. But to be honest I don’t really love them in here. I LOVE them on their own and/or maybe in another room but I just don’t like how the grey looks in real life next to my bed. It looked a lot LESS blue online and in person, the grey is just a lot more blue than I’d like. So I’m contemplating selling them (idk how though?). But on the other hand, I’m too lazy to deal with it. ha.

LAMPS – My emerald green bedside table lamps are from Bungalow 5 and I LOVE them!

Okay, SO What’s Next?

  • Paint the walls a light grey color to add some contrast and make the bed pop a little more. And who knows, maybe the extra color will make me like the side table better. We decided to go with Horizon by Benjamin Moore – or at least I’m about to test out a bigger swatch of it on my wall to see if I like it.
  • Put stuff on walls – just purchased one of the Gracie hand-painted panels and I cannot wait to get it framed and hang it up! It goes so perfectly with the pink and green vibe I’ve got going on in here!
  • Decorate side tables so they’re not so Plain Jane. I should add an alarm clock or something? Or maybe a cute stack of books – make the place look a LITTLE more lived in?
  • Getting rid of those HUGE grey chairs (you can’t really see them in the photos though) and replacing them with a sectional. I’m so excited about this!
  • Adding curtains to give the room a little more weight and make it feel more like a bedroom
  • I think that’s it?
Brightontheday Bedroom update canopy bed

What do you think? Again, I love sharing the updates (and mistakes – ha!) with y’all! It’s fun to include you in on the process :)