Gift Guides - November 13, 2018

Boyfriend Gift Guide

I feel extra excited about shopping for the boys this year! Mostly because I actually have one to shop for (yay!) but also because so many of y’all have expressed how helpful it would be to get some recommendations for what to get the special men in your lives. Well, consider me committed! I’m going to show up this year in the boys department. I’m sure I’ll be adding to this throughout the next few weeks (and I’ll add a section to highlights just for the boys!) but I wanted to get the gift-giving ideas started since Cyber Week is LITERALLY around the corner (like OMG WOW WHAT?!).

Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas or specific requests!

Camping Blanket – This brand of blanket is so freaking cozy and they have a trillion patterns to choose from. They have a line of designs dedicated to all the national parks in the US, too! Guaranteed win with the boys!

Teakwood Coffee Mug – I am the MOST obsessed with this little gem of a mug! How cute, right!?! This mug is perfect for your guy to keep at the office to sip his coffee from while still looking uber-professional. PLUS, it’s only $25 bucks!

Headphones – Over 7k positive reviews for these headphones and under $60!? That is INSANE compared to the prices of designer headphones nowadays. Can’t go wrong!

French Press – This french press is perfect for the guy in your life who loves a relaxing cup of joe in the morning. The handle is made of walnut and I love the full metal carafe.

Backpack – Every dude needs a solid and sturdy backpack in their life, no? I love the leather detailing as well as the nylon that will hold for FOREVER. Also under $100.

Multi Tool – For the guy who’s always fixing something or really wants to be handy AF. You might not know what this is but TRUST, your guy will know and be very thankful for it. :)

Grilling Multi Tool – Facts are facts, y’all and the fact is that guys love grilling. This handy dandy tool is a one-stop shop for all his grilling needs. So perfect and under $50.

Watch – Apple watches and Fitbits are cool and all but THIS WATCH. I love it because it doesn’t look like a typical fitness tracker. It looks like a manly, sophisticated watch that has cool detailing and something he’d want to wear to dinner and not just a workout.

Flask – Boys love flasks and anything leather – so this little canteen style flask wrapped in a luxurious leather casing is what his dreams are made of. I love how it’s uniquely shaped compared to most rectangular flasks.

Vest – Is your man into the outdoors? Does he spend countless hours at sporting goods stores? Yes? Well then this QUALITY vest is 100% up his alley. This brand makes the best of the best outdoor gear so this vest will last him a lifetime!

Slippers – Little explanation needs to be had over what these are and why your guy needs them. Fluffy slippers. Classic monogram (you can choose no monogram if that’s not your thing). Under $30. Go. Get. These. Now.

Duffle – Gone are the days where your guy is lugging around a dirty, scratched and 10 year old duffle bag from high school. Upgrade him to this leather duffle that will last him so many years and age so well with use!

Pullover – Would it be a gift guide without a festively patterned pullover? I think not. This brand came out with a few new colors & patterns this year. He will wear this everywhere, promise.

Sneakers – These sneaks are perfect for throwing on to run around town and they come in SO many colors! The brand also does 3 other styles of sneakers so pick the one that fits your guy best! Also under $100!

Flannel – Introducing your man to this brand will be the start of a wardrobe re-haul, girl. He will become obsessed! All their stuff is super classic & very well made. This flannel is my fave cause it reminds me of being in the mountains but they have more patterns to choose from!

Phone case – Luxe leather goods always are a win with the men! This phone case that holds cards will be your man’s new obsession!

I’ve actually got a few more ideas up my sleeve and will be adding to this list as the holidays continue! Be sure to check back on the blog and on IG stories for more! I added an IG story highlights section to showcare all my favorite finds!