Shopping - January 19, 2017

The Best & Worst Things To Buy on Amazon Prime

best items to purchase on amazon prime
brighton the day sharing what to buy on amazon
brighton the day what TO buy and what NOT to buy on Amazon // striped tee outfit

I think anyone that’s ever lived with me could tell you that I’m a MAJOR Amazon Prime Junkie – based on the ridiculous amount of Prime boxes I get on a weekly basis dropped off at my doorstep. Like, I don’t mean to toot my own horn or anything, but I’ve been using it (read: addicted to it) since before it was even cool – aka before everyone discovered how amazing and useful it was to order anything and everything on Amazon (like, things that aren’t books).

With moving into a new house, I’ve had to start over with a bunch of household supplies and have found myself adding random things to my “need now” shopping list. And with that list, I’ve purchased a ton of stuff on Prime – because what ELSE would I do, right? So while I was crossing those things off the list and getting knee deep in new prime orders, I thought of an idea of rate blog: the best things to order on Amazon Prime.

And so here we are! Today’s post is going to cover the BEST items that you SHOULD be ordering on Amazon prime rather than buying at the store. Partly, because the convenience will make your life easier. And secondly, you can get better prices (on most things) too! And lastly (best of all), you don’t have to (put pants on and) leave your house – #winning.

striped long sleeve tee with black jeans and brown boots with utility vest

The Best Items To Buy on Amazon Prime:

  1. Electronics – I’ve purchased all my camera stuff on Amazon from my camera body to each and every lens and even my other equipment too like memory cards and lights. I’ve also ordered additional iPhone chargers (especially love the super long ones!) on prime as well! I’ve also heard electronic add-ons like the amazon brand HDMI cord are cheaper on prime than at Walmart. Want to know what my most recent electronic-based purchases were? I’ll list them out for ya: SD memory card (too lazy to go to store), bluetooth wireless thingy so I don’t have to use the aux cord in my car (OMG – best thing ever!) and my newest lens addition – an 85mm prime lens!
  2. Household and Personal Care – You could really get a little crazy with this one and fill your entire bathroom with the click of your mouse (and at your doorstep in T-minus 2 days). Personally, my most recent orders are body soap (I still love plain ‘ole Dial y’all – in the lavender scent!), deodorant, razor blades, and tampons via Prime and it’s amaze slash so convenient.
  3. Books – I mean, unless you like venturing to the book store and adding an extra errand to your list, I’d suggest ALWAYS ordering books online! Also, I’ve actually made a few trips to B&N and they didn’t even have the book I needed **rolls eyes**, should have ordered on Prime!
  4. Extension cords – I think I read somewhere that extension cords are cheaper on amazon. But even still, I feel like you realize you need an extension cord at the most inopportune times and running by the store to get one never sounds like a fun idea. Right? So it’s so nice to be able to order on prime and have it delivered to your door step a few days later! I also did this for light bulbs last week and it was so clutch!
  5. Batteries – Wait, did you know that Amazon had their own brand of batteries? I didn’t until a few weeks ago when I was comparing prices of batteries, trying to decide if I should get off my butt and leave my house or order on Prime. I quickly discovered the in-house brand and that it was SO MUCH cheaper than Duracell or Energizer! In other words, I did NOT leave my house and decided that it was 100% legitimate (and cost savvy!) to order the “Amazon Basics AA Alkaline” ones instead! Hello, a 48-pack for only $11?! You don’t have to tell me twice :)
  6. Diapers – Not like I’ll be needing these any time soon, but word on the street at these are much cheaper on Amazon and that you should definitely be buying them in bulk via Prime as opposed to picking them up at the store.
  7. K-Cups – This is a BIG one for me since I go through K-cups super fast. I’m always ordering a new batch and I love that once I start noticing I’m running low, I can just put in another order. Because usually, when I need more K-cups is NOT synced up with when I need new groceries so I often forget to pick them up while at the store.
  8. Dog food – I don’t have a dog but after doing a bunch of research on price comparisons, several of the articles I read said that it was smart (and cost effective, relatively speaking) to purchase dog food in bulk from Amazon. So if you aren’t already, I’d add it to your list of prime buys!
brighton the day sharing what to buy on amazon

Convenient but not necessarily the BEST price:

If you’re really counting your pennies here, then this section might not be for you. But if you’re looking for a few quick and easy ways to make your life easier (aka paying for convenience), then I’d suggest adding these items to your Prime purchase list:

  1. paper towers
  2. toilet paper
  3. trash bags (YES!)
  4. laundry detergent (omg PLEASE)
  5. 12 packs of soda (way too heavy to carry that ish in the house from grocery!)
  6. shampoo & conditioner
  7. hair products (YASSS)
  8. razor blades (#always)
  9. printer ink (#duh – who remembers to buy this stuff anyway?)
  10. printer paper
  11. water bottles (too heavy)
striped long sleeve tee with black jeans and brown boots with utility vest

Things NOT To Buy:

  1. Food – If you are really in a pinch, Amazon is now offering FreshPrime. You can now order your food and have it waiting for you before you even make it home from work. Unfortunately, the convenience comes with a price that isn’t too great. I found that when comparing prices to Target or Kroger it turned out to be significantly more expensive and worth my time to just get off the couch and go to the store myself
  2. Power tools – I personally have never bought power tools, but rumor has it they are expensive on Prime versus Home Depot and Lowe’s
  3. Paper products – Lisel was actually just talking about this. Certain brands of toilet paper and paper towels can be $10-20 more on Amazon. But if I’m being honest, I buy BOTH on Amazon because it’s just so much easier!
striped long sleeve tee with black jeans and brown boots with utility vest

What about you?!

What do you buy on Prime? And what’s your most recent purchase – be honest!

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PS: this post was NOT sponsored in ANY way by Amazon prime. I did however use affiliate links (like I always do). I just personally LOVE me some Amazon Prime and thought it would be a fun post to feature on the blog and open up discussion for what to buy on Amazon to make our lives easier! Fun topic, right?!