Lifestyle - December 8, 2018

Best of Spotify Holiday Stations

I’m not someone who listens to Christmas music in October or anything, but by the time December rolls around, I’m usually ready for some holiday spirit. I’m such a music fan and always have some going whether in my house or car so I like to switch it up, too! Here are 4 really good holiday music stations on Spotify. They range from classic to fun and cover everything in between depending on my mood or what I’m doing. Hope you like!

Holiday Classics

This one pretty much covers everything – from Mariah Carey to Bing Crosby to Michael Buble, it’s a good crowd-pleaser. Perfect for entertaining with family or friends and definitely more pop/classic/mainstream. It’s almost 6 hours long so you can literally hit shuffle and not worry about music for the night. Here’s Spotify’s Christmas Pop station which is also really good, but I like the Classics one a bit better (more of a good mix).

Country Christmas

Obviously! Country Christmas music is my favorite – I just feel like country voices sound best with holiday songs, but maybe the Southern girl in me is biased? Anyways, this playlist has been on repeat for me while driving or just hanging out. It makes me happy! Plus, it’s happy medium for people who don’t love country since it’s songs that everyone knows ya know?

Hip Hop Christmas

This playlist isn’t going to be for everyone and definitely not appropriate for Christmas with your grandparents, but if you like rap/hip hop, it’s fun. Would be good for a party with friends or later in the night to switch things up!

Christmas Peaceful Piano

Call me a nerd, but I love me some piano while working. It’s literally the most calming music in the world and I often listen to the Peaceful Piano station while working. Spotify just released their Christmas Peaceful Piano which I really like. It’s soothing and without words (aka less distracting) but still gets you in the spirit. It’s so pretty!

What are y’all listening to?

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