Style - October 10, 2016

BBG Snapchat Workout Challenge

snapchat workout challenge

On snapchat, I asked y’all to screenshot if you wanted me to share my workouts with you so that you could do it with me. And when I asked if y’all could start Wednesday, I was blown away by how many of y’all were on board! As such, I wanted to figure out a way to provide information for y’all in another form so you could have something a little more concrete than snapchat AND that I could point you to later on when people want to know what’s up.

A few girlfriends and I (sort of – ish) did the 12 week BBG program over the summer and finished up a few weeks ago. Since we went all the way through and didn’t really feel much stronger (since we cheated so much lol), we decided to start over! This week marks the first week of our second round of BBG and I’m hoping some of y’all with join us!

We just completed LEGS for week 1 on Monday morning and we’ll be meeting again Wednesday and Friday morning at 6 am to do the other 2 workouts for this week.

What is BBG?

BBG stands for Bikini Body Guide and it’s a workout series created by genius Kayla Itsines from Australia. All you have to do is look her up on instagram and you’ll find millions of success stories and get to follow her – she’s adorable. But her workout program is super easy to follow and if I can do it, so can you!

How do I Sign Up?

I think she has a few published guides on her website that you can purchase and download from her website. There are two ways to join the workout program if you’re wanting to do it more officially: (1) Purchase the packet on her website OR (2) Use her app (called “Sweat”) and pay a monthly fee. Or I guess you could just make up our own circuits if you’d know what to do and make sure you did 4 rounds of 7 minutes or something? I’d suggest just getting on Kayla’s plan though. You can google it and find the workouts for free, but I think it’s best to pay the money and make it official.  I actually bought the printout, but you can pretty much find the entire thing online now since it’s been circulated across the web.

I’m onboard! Now What?

Yay! I was so excited to see that so many of y’all seem to be onboard and are able to start this Wednesday. Here’s what you need to do in the meantime to get ready for our little workout challenge:

  • Find some friends to do it with you – you’re REALLY going to need some accountability if you actually want to do this. There’s just NO WAY you can do it on your own. Seriously though, find a friend and get them to commit to do it with you AT LEAST 2x/week. That’s not too bad, right? AND it only takes 28 minutes!
  • Set aside 3 hours that you’re going to dedicate to working out for the week. The workout is actually only 28 minutes long but trust me, you’ll want some mental prep time before the workout and recovery time after.
  • Get some weights. I ordered mine on amazon (they’re 5 lbs) and they were delivered to my doorstep within 2 days (I’m an amazon prime addict)
  • And lastly, get yourself some pump up jams! I thought it might be fun to share my current workout playlist with y’all so we can all be getting pumped up by the same jams! Plus, I saw a few of you were asking via snapchat after I talked about it a few times! Regardless, here it is if you’re interested! It’s called “BeeBopBam” and you can find it on Spotify:

And I think that’s it! The rest is just going to be following through and actually committing to doing it. I promise, it’ll be worth it. Just go look at the BBG hashtag on instagram to see people’s before and after – it will BLOW your mind.

So What’s The Commitment Look Like?

I mean, there’s a few different ways to answer that question but I’ll stick to the basics. Here’s the low down on commitment:

  • 12 Total Weeks
  • Working out 5-6 times/ week
    • 3 weight-based workouts a week – these are called “resistance” workouts and are the ones that I’ll be sharing with you on snapchat
    • 3 days of cardio each week – either walking or cyling for 45 minutes or doing something more intense for about 25-ish minutes.
  • 28 Minutes per workout – Each workout is 28 minutes including 4 sets of 7 minute circuit exercises. I’ll be showing you sneak peeks on snapchat too if you need help figuring out what the exercises look like.
  • I’m not doing the meal plan – baby steps y’all