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BBG Snapchat Workout Challenge

snapchat workout challenge

On snapchat, I asked y’all to screenshot if you wanted me to share my workouts with you so that you could do it with me. And when I asked if y’all could start Wednesday, I was blown away by how many of y’all were on board! As such, I wanted to figure out a way to provide information for y’all in another form so you could have something a little more concrete than snapchat AND that I could point you to later on when people want to know what’s up.

A few girlfriends and I (sort of – ish) did the 12 week BBG program over the summer and finished up a few weeks ago. Since we went all the way through and didn’t really feel much stronger (since we cheated so much lol), we decided to start over! This week marks the first week of our second round of BBG and I’m hoping some of y’all with join us!

We just completed LEGS for week 1 on Monday morning and we’ll be meeting again Wednesday and Friday morning at 6 am to do the other 2 workouts for this week.

What is BBG?

BBG stands for Bikini Body Guide and it’s a workout series created by genius Kayla Itsines from Australia. All you have to do is look her up on instagram and you’ll find millions of success stories and get to follow her – she’s adorable. But her workout program is super easy to follow and if I can do it, so can you!

How do I Sign Up?

I think she has a few published guides on her website that you can purchase and download from her website. There are two ways to join the workout program if you’re wanting to do it more officially: (1) Purchase the packet on her website OR (2) Use her app (called “Sweat”) and pay a monthly fee. Or I guess you could just make up our own circuits if you’d know what to do and make sure you did 4 rounds of 7 minutes or something? I’d suggest just getting on Kayla’s plan though. You can google it and find the workouts for free, but I think it’s best to pay the money and make it official.  I actually bought the printout, but you can pretty much find the entire thing online now since it’s been circulated across the web.

I’m onboard! Now What?

Yay! I was so excited to see that so many of y’all seem to be onboard and are able to start this Wednesday. Here’s what you need to do in the meantime to get ready for our little workout challenge:

  • Find some friends to do it with you – you’re REALLY going to need some accountability if you actually want to do this. There’s just NO WAY you can do it on your own. Seriously though, find a friend and get them to commit to do it with you AT LEAST 2x/week. That’s not too bad, right? AND it only takes 28 minutes!
  • Set aside 3 hours that you’re going to dedicate to working out for the week. The workout is actually only 28 minutes long but trust me, you’ll want some mental prep time before the workout and recovery time after.
  • Get some weights. I ordered mine on amazon (they’re 5 lbs) and they were delivered to my doorstep within 2 days (I’m an amazon prime addict)
  • And lastly, get yourself some pump up jams! I thought it might be fun to share my current workout playlist with y’all so we can all be getting pumped up by the same jams! Plus, I saw a few of you were asking via snapchat after I talked about it a few times! Regardless, here it is if you’re interested! It’s called “BeeBopBam” and you can find it on Spotify:

And I think that’s it! The rest is just going to be following through and actually committing to doing it. I promise, it’ll be worth it. Just go look at the BBG hashtag on instagram to see people’s before and after – it will BLOW your mind.

So What’s The Commitment Look Like?

I mean, there’s a few different ways to answer that question but I’ll stick to the basics. Here’s the low down on commitment:

  • 12 Total Weeks
  • Working out 5-6 times/ week
    • 3 weight-based workouts a week – these are called “resistance” workouts and are the ones that I’ll be sharing with you on snapchat
    • 3 days of cardio each week – either walking or cyling for 45 minutes or doing something more intense for about 25-ish minutes.
  • 28 Minutes per workout – Each workout is 28 minutes including 4 sets of 7 minute circuit exercises. I’ll be showing you sneak peeks on snapchat too if you need help figuring out what the exercises look like.
  • I’m not doing the meal plan – baby steps y’all

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  • Charity Wright

    Thank you so much for posting this so soon!! I’m so excited to join in on this 12 week challenge, especially knowing that one of my favorite bloggers is doing it with me / holding me accountable!! Xoxo

    • please tell me you have a freind to do it with you!! it’s not fun lol so you’ll need the accountability!!

  • Let’s do this!

  • Jordyn Neil

    So excited for this! I tried the BBG about a year ago but was able to think of every excuse to NOT do it. I’m excited to do along side you and hopefully that will be motivation enough😄😘

    • story of my life! I mean, I still skip days sometimes (in the first time I tired it), BUT EVEN THOUGH I skipped days, half-assed it, didn’t do the cardio OR the meal plan, I still felt and saw results!!

      • Jordyn Neil

        I never follow any meal plans, I am way to picky with my food. I just try and make smart choices. Like don’t eat the kit kat just because it is mini sized, lol! Loving this little community you’re building! Looking forward to tomorrow!

        • omg but the kit kat thing…YES. like don’t eat 5 oreos JUST because I can grab it with one hand….2 is fine hahhahaha

          • Jordyn Neil

            haha “just because I can grab it with one hand”! You’re just like me, can justify anything, lol! See ya on snap in the morn!

  • Bethany M

    I can’t wait for this!! Thank you for posting this and this challenge!

    • yay!! are you going to start on wednesday with us?? what time of day will you be doing it?!

  • Erin

    So excited!! I have the printout just lacking the motivation. Great to be able to do that alongside you!

    • yayyyy!!! but please tell me you have a friend?! omg it’s so hard to do alone! like once you start, it’s okay but making yourself start is so hard!!

  • Paige

    IM SO EXCITED!! 😍👯 I actually tried to start BBG round 1 this summer, but just couldn’t completely commit 😩 Thank you so much!! I’m obsessed with your blog, so I can already tell this will be just as much fun 😊

    P.s. Maybe at some point during this whole thing, we could all do a girls weekend/meet up? That way we could all finally meet the girls who are helping to keep us accountable 😁

    • how fun would that be?! where do you live?!!

      and I’m so excited to have you on board!! YAY!! for the record, I don’t always do the cardio. it’s not my thing so it’s like pulling out hair for me lol

      • Paige

        I live in Orlando, FL! But I’ve always wanted to come visit the Dallas/Ft.Worth area!!! :) and I know right!? I just feel like it would also help some of the girls with sticking to the plan and give them something to look forward to :)

        and girl, cardio is the absolute WORST. I’ve always loved weight training, but you couldn’t pay me enough money to do any form of cardio hahaha

        • glad you agree. but I can totally handle walking (briskly) with a friend. I actually enjoy that :) esp when I can do it first thing in the morning – it gets my body going!

          • Paige

            Same here! Early morning walks with my dogs on Saturday and Sunday are my absolute favorite 😊

            But if you are interested in planning the girls weekend I’d love to help set it up or just help in any way I can!

  • Yay!!! I’m so excited for this! I’ve wanted to do BBG for a while but just never decided to jump right in. Thanks for being so open and transparent about this! I plan on starting Wednesday but I likely won’t do the workouts until the evening. Still so excited!!!

    • YAYYYYYYYYYY!!! we can do it! I mean, I totally cheat all the time (like, a lot) but I’m so motivated now that I’ve got y’alls accountability! thanks for supporting me trying something new and for joining in on the fun ashley!

      • So I’m totally cheating this week but only because I’m running a half marathon Sunday (I’m a slow runner so it’ll be more of a slight jog). Once that’s over I’m all in!!

  • K Craig

    I’m on board! I can’t wait to get started! I do cardio every other day, so I’m excited to hear that there are also weight based workouts! I plan to get started on Wednesday with you, most likely in the evening because I have class & work. Thanks for posting this!

    • okay excited for you! hopefully you can find a friend to do it with you because it’s so hard :/ but pumped to have ya on board!! yay!

  • Katie Maher Smith

    Ready! I’ll be BBGing in the mornings! I chase after 3 toddlers so this will be a different kind of workout!

    • omg sounds like you’ve got your cardio covered then!! I can’t even imagine!! you’re like SUPER MOM!!!

  • Bindy

    I have had the printout for awhile now, just been lacking the motivation! This will help keep me on track (hopefully!)

    • yay! so stocked!! are you going to do it with us wednesday morning or on a different schedule? I’m trying to get a feel for what everyone’s plan is!

      • Bindy

        Hey! I’ll probably do it Wednesday afternoon! Are you doing it MWF at 6am?

        • yes at least for this week! next week I’m going out of town so that should be interesting….but I’m goign to do it bc now I’ve got a little squad :)

  • Casey Anderson

    I’m so glad you’re doing this! I was too slow on Snapchat this morning but I am IN! I need the accountability too, so will ty to recruit some ladies to do it with!

    • okay yay!!!! Excited to have you Casey!! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog to comment :) hearing from everyone makes it all that much more fun for me and hopefully encouraging for everyone else to see that others are doing this! I wish we could do live a live streaming or something fun like that!

    • and let me know if you find some friends! it makes it so much better and easier to get up and do it!!!

      • Casey Anderson

        I’ve got two moms friends recruited! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

        • woohoo!! y’all are going to be so cute!! you should send us a selfie!! what time are y’all meeting??

          • Casey Anderson

            Tomorrow we’re doing it all on our own (babies and working out tend to clash lol) but we have plans to keep each other accountable! And hopefully we’ll be able to meet up once a week to all do it together! Thanks for organizing this! Seriously such a fun idea! :)

  • Emma

    Yay!! Can’t wait to start :)

  • Mary Martha Hesseler

    Loved practicing jump squats with you Friday night at hutt’s haha. I’ll be doing BBG but on own sched! Lurve you B

    • omg hiiiii REAL LIFE friend! lol. no but really that was awesome :) and loved getting to see you and P – such a treat! love you long time sista!

  • Julia Andrews

    SO excited to join in! I’ve got almost all of my sisters in the sorority house on board! Can’t wait!

    • WAIT SHUT UP REALLY???!! how fun!! where are y’all in school?! love love love it!! maybe one week we can do a video chat hello or something lol that would be so fun!

  • Morgan Manney

    This makes me so happy!!! I can’t wait to do this with you! I need all the motivation I can get. I agree, a meet up would be SO fun!

    • omg so exciting! are you going to do it with us Wednesday morning or do a different schedule? and do you have friends to do it with you?! I hope so!!

      • Morgan Manney

        I’m gonna do it with you tomorrow :). Yes!! I’m making a friend do it with me cause I’ve tried bbg and it’s so hard to do alone!!! Can’t wait!

        • right? #impossible. And she makes it look so freaking easy. I’m like what DRANK are you drinking and gimme some of dat!

  • Erin

    I’m in! I tried to do major workout this summer but failed since I was traveling so much. I’m ready to fully commit!

    • yay!!! join the team! this will be SO FUN! so stoked to have you!! :) gosh and same – traveling makes it SO HARD! I have one more trip planned this month and I’m already like…shoot how am I going to do this! but I’m excited to have a big team of people doing it with me!

  • I want to try to do some of the workouts!

  • Brenna McCann

    I’m ready! Need to shed some weight and tone up! Got a cruise to look forward to in June!! Thanks for sharing with us and helping us get motivated!

    • Brenna McCann

      also is Tuesday & Thursdays cardio days?

      • yes! butI don’t always have time! but yeah even if you just walk about the block. My motto is that something is better than nothing! :)

        are you doing it in the morning with us?!

        • Brenna McCann

          yes yes yes @ 6am !!!!

  • Ashley Johnson

    I’m so glad you posted. This was just the push I need to get going. Unfortunately, I don’t have a workout buddy, but I am feeling self motivated and my husband will encourage me when I need it :).

    • ahhh I want you to have a buddy!! lol could you hubbie do it with him?!! show him the hashtag on instgarm lol!! it will motivate him for sure :)

  • McKenzie

    I’m IN!!! I’m doing the TIU challenge but I’ve been curious about the BBG program! Thanks for sharing! This is the perfect kick in the rear to get me moving again!

    • so you’re going to do both workouts?!!! lol! wiat what? HOW

      • McKenzie

        I think so! For instance I did BBG arms and a TIU kettlebell routine from this morning’s workout, and saving cardio for after work. So more so mixing and matching, especially if I see I can sub one workout for the other!

  • Lauren

    In IN and I’m flying solo — but I’m motivated. I spent most of this year traveling for work and stress-eating, and now that I’m firmly planted back home, it’s time to get my butt back into gear.

    • omg yay! I’m so scited!! okay so are you doing it in the morning with us?

  • Chelsea Carbone

    Girl I need the motivation, so this came at the perfect time. I’m in!

    • yay!! Are you going to do arms with us tomorrow?!

      • Chelsea Carbone

        Absolutely! Alarm is already set – although I am not a morning person!!

  • Erika Musgrove

    I’m so excited about this! I almost started BBG during the summer but it was so HOT so I didn’t 🙈 now I don’t have an excuse not to!

    • heck YEAH! so is tomorrow your first day!?? you can do legs on thursday to be totally caught up :)

  • Emily Wing

    Definitely joining in on this! I need a group of girlies to help me stay motivated!!

  • Nadine

    I´m soooo in and excited for tomorrow. I´ll do it all by myself and hoping I´ll make it with your help and although I´m having this crazy Job and not living in the US (but in Germany). Totally need to kick my a** and get back in shape again so thanks for doing this with us :) xo Nadine

  • Sister Duet

    I’m so glad you’ve created this little group- I’ve started and quit BBG like 3 times in the past 6 months 😬😬. Hopefully this helps keep me more accountable! Woohoo!

  • Erin Wadley

    I’m so excited!!! I keep telling myself I need to be working out so this is so helpful! And I love that I can do it at home :)

  • Yvanna H

    SO excited for this! I’ve been trying to muster the motivation to restart BBG! Thank you for doing this!!

  • Lindsey Ballard

    YAY! I’m definitely joining! Taking a trip to celebrate graduating PA school in January and need to tone!

  • Ashleigh Kimmel

    I’m actually on week 6, thanks to you saying you thought BBG was worth it – and it totally is!! I love it so much! It’s the perfect program for me as a working mom. So I’ll be joining y’all with week 6 arms tomorrow!

  • Meagan Presciano

    I’m on week 2 and will be joining you!!! :)

  • Laura Barlow

    Definitely in!! So glad you started this, I needed the motivation to start BBG! Joining in the morning :)

  • Courtney Putprush

    I am so excited to begin BBG with you! Can you move to NC we be best friends?!

    • haha I wish we could all have a meet up or somethign! How fun would that be?! let me know if you’re ever in dallas and we can grab dinner!! I wish we could do like a live workout!

      • Courtney Putprush

        Ugh I wish we could all meet up and do it together- so much fun!! Do the same if you’re ever in Raleigh!

  • Sarah

    I’m in! I tried doing the BBG thing at the beginning of this past summer and definitely needed an accountability partner. Looking forward to following along with you!

    • Hi sarah!! yay so excited to have you as part of our little team :) Were you able to find friends to do it with you?! I hope so as you’ll need someone to keep you peppy when you don’t feel like starting!!

  • Carrie

    First time joining a fitness group. I’m on my own, no friends into fitness. First timer with bbg as well! New follower lol I’m not even exactly sure how it will all work. Will you be snapping the workout?

    • Jordyn Neil

      Same! My first time in a “group”. While I have friends in to fitness, they are intense gym goers, so I’m on my own too! But I think the way Brighton is setting it all up will provide constant motivation for us that need that extra reminder.

    • I thought about snapping the entire workout but I feel like if I did that every time, I would be flooding everyone’s SNAP feeds! So I’ll be snapping abotu which week I’m on and which workout I’m doing and updating this blog post but probably not snapping everysingle workout. However I’m going to snap a few moves to keep the motivation going (and when I have soeone to snap me!)

  • Elizabeth

    Day one done! So glad to have a group to do it with!

    • yay!! you did the legs??? or arms?? I did legs monday! and arms today and for some reason my neck is the most sore (maybe I’m doing it all wrong hahahah)

      • Elizabeth

        haha! I did arms, but need to catch up and do legs. Not going to lie, my arms are already pretty sore! Thanks for starting this!! Hope it will keep me motivated

        • I hope so too!! Let me know if there’s anything more I can do to keep ya motivated!

  • Melissa Klusek

    Yay! I bought her packet earlier this year (found it on sale, #score), but I’ve actually been doing the Tone It Up workouts and loving them recently! This looks fun though, and I’ll definitely be jumping in! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Lauren

    So excited to have this group as a support system to get through BBG!! Arms and legs have been done for the week and I can’t wait for Friday’s workout! This was such a smart idea to provide us with some extra motivation (:

    • yeah and you should feel good once you do friday bc it’s optional apparently?! lol! You’ve got the hardest part done!!

      • Lauren

        Definitely skipped yesterday but I mean sometimes you just need a rest day and I was surprisingly sore from that arm workout!!

  • Casey Anderson

    Day one down and feeling good!!

  • Caroline Nelson

    Excited to start!

  • Lauren Evans

    Working on getting some girlfriends to go through it with me but excited to have a community already started here, thanks girl! Pretty nervous to start tonight but hope to get in on the am workouts next week :)

    • are you doing legs or arms?? I felt like they were both super hard but tis’ still not like crazy – it keeps you moving which is good!!

      • Lauren Evans

        Just BARELY finished arms. No lie about those knee-relying push-ups 😁 💁🏽

        Also, in for a Dallas meet up! 🤗

        • right?! I can hardly do 4 regular pushups and those are usually done towards the BEGINNING of the workout too! but hey, something is better than nothing, right?! that’s totally my motto for all this!

  • Tiffany Lauren Byram

    Woohoo! So excited! I’ve started BBG so many times, I’ve just never finished! Excited to finish this round!

  • Jacqueline Mayah

    Yay!!! I’m so pumped for this! I’m joining in late but officially starting tomorrow! Brighton, you da BEST girl! I know you said you don’t do the food plan but please keep us updated on what you do eat (like above). I’d love a blog post on what you do eat, wine you love/recommend, or just anything nutrition based that you love. That may sound lame but I know other people would love that too!

    • yay!! okay that might be a fun post!! but gosh am I so lame with what I eat! Most of the time it’s either frozen, pick up or like PB&J. I updates the rest of Tuesday and WEdnesday and so far Today just now :)

  • Jacqueline Mayah

    Thank you! Gosh, you are just my fave ever.

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