Shopping - August 28, 2018

13 Recent Buys from Amazon

To keep going with the Currently Shopping post that I brought up last week (and y’all seemed to like!), I realized I forgot to share a bunch of things from Amazon. It’s honestly become one of my go-to places to shop – whether for home stuff or clothing – so I thought it was worth sharing with y’all, plus some stuff I’m eyeing. I know we have lots of Amazon fans out there too!

Pajama Set – So cute, so comfy, so much yes! And these are the pajamas that I’m wearing in the photo above!

Circle straw bag – Honestly I’m still into these bags even though they’re everywhere. This one is such a great price ($32) compared to what I’ve seen elsewhere.

Tunic dress – This is SO cute and comfy looking. It’d be perfect with booties heading into fall, too.

Short sleeve black and white striped shirt – SOFTEST SHIRT EVER. I like the stripped, which is what I have, but I honestly want all colors. This is the shirt I wore in this photo (and the ones when you swipe to see the other wallpaper options) if you want to see more photos of it!

Cystic Acne Spot Treatment — Y’ALL. If you struggle with hormonal acne (like me!) this stuff is a freaking GIFT. It’s really the only thing that’s worked for me as a spot treatment. I’ll even put it on my jaw a few times a week to try to keep things from forming. I’ve been using this stuff in combination with all my Tula products I shared in this blog post!

Gold choker – Love this dainty option by itself or for layering with other gold options.

Sleep machine – I used to use an app on my phone for white noise while I slept, but this machine is a lot better. If you struggle with sleeping or have loud neighbors, this is a game changer.

Mascara – OK I change my mascara often, but so far so good with this stuff! I’m on my 6th tube actually and I actually just signed up for a subscription (on Amazon to auto-refill) because I’m pretty much #committed for now. Makes them super long and thick but in a way that feels natural ya know?

Black tank – This is $18 and easy and versatile. I wear it ALL the time! Last week I paired it under this jacket with some jeans and loafers for such a good runing-around-town casual look.

Hotel robe – I don’t know why it’s taken me 20 something years to buy myself a cozy hotel robe, but I’m so glad I finally did. SO GOOD, especially for my quiet time in the morning…or all day on weekends. Trust.

Gold “Diamond” Necklace – This is SO pretty! Love how traditional it is.

Sports bra – This sports bra is so comfortable, I got it in multiple colors. I sized up for comfort.

Workout shorts – If you get really hot while working out (like me), shorts might be your jam. Really liking these so far!