Shopping - October 3, 2019

All You Need for a Cozy Friday Night

One more day ’til the weekend, y’all! Friday night has always been one of my favorite times of the week because it means the end of the work week (well, kinda) and the start of the weekend! It’s also one of the hardest nights to get me to do anything other than lay on my couch because I’m just so burnt out by Friday nights. Anyone else?! Duncan and I love to lounge and be lazy on Fridays and it’s also something I’ve always done with my roommates – it’s just the best!

So to celebrate the start of cozy Friday season, I wanted to put together my favorite cozy slash loungewear for Friday nights (or really any day of the week, to be honest). Y’all know I work from home and half the time I’m in something loungey half of the day – so I’ve tried it all. These items are the BEST!

brighton keller wearing leopard print sweatpants and leopard print sweatshirt

Outfit Details

Leopard Print Lounge Set // Blanket