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In a nutshell, Brighton The Day (BTD) is primarily a fashion blog. But I like to think that it’s more than just your average “personal style blog”. Yes, I do primarily write about fashion and post a lot of outfits, but I try to keep things pretty “real” around here.

The quote-on-quote “fashion” is what makes up the majority of the content you’ll find here, but you’ll also find bits and pieces of personal tips, thoughts, and tidbits of my life sprinkled into the outfits, style guides and shopping round ups. Although it’s a constant struggle for sure, I try not to get too wrapped up in the world of material things and consumerism. I’m constantly striving to keep things in perspective and remember that clothes are great and fun and all (!), but there’s just so much more to life.

My Mission: My mission with Brighton The Day is to serve YOU by making your life easier, especially when it comes to all things online shopping and putting together outfits. At the very least, I hope to ease your online shopping experience and help you put outfits together with confidence.

Although fashion is my main content focus, I make an effort to cover other topics such as beautyfaith, and travel. Regardless of how or in what way (or how cheesy it may sound – ha!), I hope that at the end of the day, I can “brighton” your day!

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A Few Random Bits About Brighton

I’m from Baton Rouge, LA, but currently live in Dallas, TX and loving it here! I’m the oldest of 4 kids (I’ve got 2 sisters and 1 brother) and went to UT-Austin where I cheered for the longhorns and studied in the Business Honors Program.

I don’t like to read, but I love to learn. I love Jesus and and my faith is a MAJOR defining factor in my life, joy, and sense of self. I love country and alternative music and I listen to a lot of Christian music too (I secretly wish I could get Chris Tomlin to sing at my wedding.)

Mornings are my favorite and breakfast is a big event for me. Philosophy fascinates me and I love learning new things. I’m a planner, but I somehow live my life on the edge – constantly pushing my limits. I’ve always got a yummy candle burning while I work and I thoroughly enjoy the luxury of treating myself to an almost-weekly mani/pedi.

I’m an introvert by nature and love spending my free time learning random things, journaling, studying the bible, podcasts and (#duh) netflixing. Traveling is fun and I love to get out and see new things from time to time, but the truth is that I’m a major homebody and genuinely love spending time at home with close friends or family. I’m scatter-brained and sometimes even flighty (otherwise known as super ADD…), yet I have a tendency to hyper-focus on random things. Time management is not my forte and I have a tendency to ask “why?” way too much; I blame this on my crippling curiosity. I have a serious addiction to candy, but not the chocolate kind.

denim jacket + white tank + midi skirt

I think my favorite part about blogging is getting to hear from YOU – aka my readers. There’s just something so special and heart-warming about connecting with like-minded people and being able to relate in such unique and different ways. I love it when I get emails/comments from y’all when you have those ‘OMG ME TOO moments’ or just hearing what you have to say about something I posted – I think that’s seriously the most fun part about blogging. Putting myself out there is hard, but it’s just as rewarding when I get to see that it’s worth it. So if it’s not obvious, I love hearing from y’all!

The Story Behind BTD

I started BTD in December of 2011 shortly after my mom (Dee Keller) launched her Italian shoe line. Naturally, I wanted to do all I could to help and thought blogging would be a great way to spread the word. Plus, I’d always had a knack for and interest in coding, so building a blog sounded like the ultimate challenge and project for me to, excuse my cliche, kill two (or a few) birds with one stone. On one hand, I could play with code, experiment with all the awesome adobe software and justify it (to myself, of course) all as a way to help my mom.

A LOVE FOR CODING – YEP. I kid you not, I’m obsessed with computer programming and anything and everything that has to do with computers. I almost majored in Management Information Systems at UT-Austin and was very involved with the MIS department. I didn’t actually learn anything about coding, though, until I decided to start this blog. I could talk about it for hours, but I’ll do you a favor and stop now…

A DESIRE TO HELP MOM – Of course I wanted to find some way to help my mom’s new business, but what’s an 18-year-old girl to do? I remember reaching out to a few of the “big” bloggers (after a friend informed me that “fashion bloggers” existed – I was SO clueless). But after not hearing back from them, my mom suggested I start my own. And after lots of convincing, I dove in head first! It started as just an avenue or the content with which I could fill my little computer programming experiment but eventually turned into something more.

A LOVE FOR CLOTHES – So yeah, I love clothes. I like to shop. I like to get dressed up. etc. etc. But really though, what girl doesn’t? There’s just something so empowering about getting up in the morning and actually getting dressed for the day. Because when I take pride in myself and my appearance, I just feel better – about myself and about my day. And honestly, I’m usually in a better mood, more optimistic, and more productive when I feel put together and dressed for the day!

  • Nadia

    I love your fresh take on your lifestyle blog. 100% honest & relatable. Best wishes!

    Nadia from http://glamourizedcliche.blogspot.com

  • Trina BA

    Brighton, love the clothes!!!!

  • damon

    omg f’in love this!

  • rachel

    You are such a doll! Looking forward to following along!

  • Wow, this is amazing!

  • Morgan Ward

    Brighton, I have followed you on instagram for awhile now, and decided to really explore your blog. Oh my goodness, you are an inspiration! I really enjoy your blog and I feel that you have a great balance of not letting “material” get to you. I also love that you are so open and your love for Jesus really shines through you! Thanks for Brightoning my day:)

  • Hey girl, you’ve got one beautiful blog! Just found it and I’m stoked about reading more of your posts! Keep being such a great light in the world! Love it, girly! :)

  • annie

    Absolutely love your blog! So glad to have found it. I’m adding it to my bookmarks now!!



    the little things

  • Emily Bastedo

    Hi Brighton!

    I always love finding other Houston bloggers and fellow Big-4-er! Your about me page is fantastic!


  • Taylor

    I recently started following your Instagram. I love how you are the only blogger I have come across so far with such a love for your faith. It is very inspiring! Would you care to share the bible that you use? I have been looking into getting the book “Jesus Calling” for a while, so I will definitely be getting that book after seeing your post. But the bible you use I am interested in as well. Your help is appreciated!!!

    • HEy Taylor!! I’m so happy to hear that you’ve found BTD are are enjoying following along :) and thanks so much for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment! I use the NIV Life Application Bible and LOVE it! and you should FOR SURE get JEsus Calling!!!!

      • Taylor

        Brighton, when I went to search for the bible a lot of different versions came up. Do you think you could post a link to the one that you use

        • Yes for sure!! Will do tomorrow hopefully! If I forget, please don’t hesitate to remind me! Also, I’m working on getting a “resources” page up on the blog with all my favorite go to “things” including my bible And other faith based resources….along with random favorite things like face wash and stuff haha. Just thought id give you a heads up! Thanks for your support Taylor and you should be hearing from me soon!

          • Taylor

            I just wanted to remind you about posting the bible that you use. Thanks!!!

            • Hey Taylor!! I’m still working on getting the resources page up! but in the meantime the type of bible I use is NIV life application bible! Let me know if you have any other questions! xo

  • Millie

    I agree with Taylor, it definitely is refreshing! I will have to order the NIV Life Application Bible. Also, I have been looking for MONTHS for the perfect everyday bag to lug all my things to and from my work commute and recently ordered the LO& Sons TT bag. I LOVE it! Thank you for the recommendations on your page :)

    • Millie! I’m SO GLAD I was able to introduce you to the awesomeness that is Lo & Sons bags!!! They truly are the best!!!!!!

    • And let me know how you like the NIV LAB once you or if you end up ordering it!! And please don’t ever hesitate to reach out….with anything :)

  • Laura

    Hey, Brighton!
    I really love your blog, it’s a daily must-read for me. I think it’s so fantastic that you put so much effort into learning to do things yourself. I was actually wondering if you would mind sharing some of the resources (or maybe the most useful one) you used to learn coding for the website… I’m actually interested in learning to code too, maybe even for my own blog – who knows! If you think maybe I should e-mail you instead to get them, I’d be happy to do that. BTW, I totally understand if you are busy or don’t remember or anything like that!
    Thank you!
    P.S. I’m from Baton Rouge too! :)

    • Hi Laura!! oh boy! that’s such a hard question! I wish I knew my favorite….off the top of my head…I LOVE elembee blog – she has some great coding tips and is a magnificent developer!

  • Hey girl hey! Long time reader, first time commenter (I know. Awful). I hear my bestie met your BF today! Such a small world. I was so stoked that I knew who she was talking about! Anyway, I’m Houston born and went to camp in LA so we were probably bound to have connections eventually ;) love your blog!

    • omg isn’t that such a fun feeling? when the world feels small like that?! LOVE IT! and I’m so happy to hear from YOU – even if it is a long time coming :) wait which friend?! this is SO FUN!!!!

  • Kelly

    Hey, Brighton! Please do a post about your day job. I am currently looking at education options and looking at the business path so would love to know more..xxx

    • Hi Kelly! What do you mean? I’m not in education? I actually do supply chain management and logistics!

  • Hannah

    Hi, Brighton! I have so many questions about how you started blogging. What platform did you first use and how did you get the word out about your blog? I love love love reading your blog and your fashion sense is absolutely amazing!

  • Marva

    Hello, I am trying desperately to find the “cobalt” by dee keller sandy criss cross ballet flat in black leather. I purchased this one while in Chicago last year at NM Last Call, but my dog chewed it! I was very excited when I saw them online, but this quickly became disappointment when I received the shoe. It is not the same shoe at all, yet NM continues to sell it in place of the one I originally purchased. I want the very soft “cobalt” by dee keller shoe. Please help!.

    • Hi Marva!!

      Im so sorry to hear this! What’s different about the one you ordered from NM? Let’s get you one just like the one you loved!! We just got another huge shipment of the SANDY from the factory last week and I beleive they are going out to NMLC again for this fall. What was different about the one that you ordered online so we can make sure you get the right one this time! please feel free to send me an email ([email protected]) too so we can get this sorted our for you! thanks so much for reaching out and I hope we figure this out for you!


  • Maevis

    yeah girl! Love this! :)

  • Kay

    Hi Brighton! I’m a high school senior with a love for fashion, and I’m really trying to figure out how you created this beautiful (BEAUTIFUL) website AND focused on school?! You reached out to big time bloggers when you were my age, and now I’m reaching out to you… Maybe you could guide my clueless self in the right direction to creating a future darling blog for myself? If you could take a second of your time and email me I’d be so appreciative! I’ll continue to watch you shine, you are such an inspiration! Thanks <3

  • Meghan

    Hi Brighton! I find your story very inspirational. I love following you on instagram and reading your blog – I think it’s great you are able to run this blog and have a day to day job as well! I would love to hear more about how you found your career path and have made your career what it is today. I am envious of your current travels :)

  • oh my goodness, you’re from Dallas? I am too!! We need to shop together sometime and do blog things!

    Dressing Dallas

  • I loved reading this!! Such great insight! Love your blog, and love following along! Xo

    IG: @stylemelauren

  • Paige Friedlander

    I love your taste in clothes, but also your style for life! Your blog and Instagram have become a daily inspiration for me and I would love for some more guidance from you! Thanks for sharing all your thoughts, xx

  • Emily

    How tall are you? Just wondering for sizing on some of the clothes you post!

  • Emma

    Hi! I’m a lady living in Charleston, SC and running a bed and breakfast (you should totally come stay… I have plenty of rooms). I’m looking to invest in a camera to take pictures of the house and was curious which one you use?

    Many thanks!


  • Chloe

    This is totally random, but did you feel like it was difficult to rush at UTexas since you were from out of state?

  • Krista

    Hi, Brighton! So I am a fellow UT-Austin grad. Do you have any good suggestions of places to buy some cute burnt orange pieces for football games? I have season tickets this fall and wanted to change up my game day wardrobe.

  • Erika S

    You have fabulous legs! Would love to read a post about your fitness routine! ?

  • Fran

    Super impressed with your website and ability to create it on your own without having worked in the tech industry!!! Also love your outfitpairing. This is one of the best looking blogs I’ve seen!

  • Lindsey Rowe

    wow! you seem like such a well rounded, can-do, positive, and energetic individual! I am inspired Brighton! Your name is very fitting!

  • Monica

    Hi Brighton! Coming from a Senior in high school trying to decide on a major, it seems we have quite a few interests in common(traveling,computers, fashion,…BREAKFAST, etc…whats not to love?!) Anyways, i just have to say i loved reading this excerpt about how your career as a blogger began and what you majored in in college. I dream of doing something like this with my life someday…
    PS, Also love keeping up with your insta posts!

    • HI there monica!! Lovely to “virtually” meet you! and thanks so much for stopping by BTD and for leaving a comment too! I love comments :) and try my best to respond to just about all of them! Thanks so much for the kind words (and for reading all this about me – it’s kind of text heavy over here) and for just showing an interest in where I come from! I wish you all the best and let me know if you have any specific questions! I would be happy to help in any way I can!

  • Monica Rivet

    will i get an email if Brighton responds to my comment?

  • Laurel Whittington

    Hey Brighton! I am super impressed with your blog! I just wanted to let you know that you are a huge blogging inspiration to me. You are actually one of the reasons I wanted to start blogging. I just got my blog going a few weeks ago and I am already loving every second of it. I love the excitement I get inside of my chest when I’m inspired to start a new draft, and I bet you get that same feeling. So I guess what I am trying to say is… thank you!! Thank you for the inspiration. Oh, and thank you for replying to my direct messages on Instagram:) It means a lot!

  • Caryn

    Hi Brighton. New to your blog readership. Impressive site…..visiting daily. :) Keep up the great work.

    I would like to take better photos of my family, friends and travels. I use a point and shoot now. Your photos are lovely. What camera do you use? Did you take a photography class?

    • I use a Canon 6D! WOAH SORRY for the MAJOR delay in response!!

  • Kristie

    Hey Brighton,
    I love your blog and pretty much get my style from you & one other IG account blog for a little over a year now. I love your story. I have stepped up my game a little in fashion from your inspiration. I am from The Woodlands, Tx but live in Sakhalin Island,Russia. Sadly, I cannot shop here so happy that when I do go back to Tx 1-2 times a year I go to Nordstrom first. I do a lot of online shopping since I just can’t during the year. I am similar in height & weight to you but probably 10 years older (36) with 3 kids (8,7,4). I gave up my elementary teaching career of 9 years to follow my hubby as he climbs up the career ladder. It has been amazing for me. I have no idea how to work snapchat but I downloaded it to follow you way back when but I never seem to get to bc of the time zone change. I will work harder on that . I am all about Rom 8 and have decided to memorize it too. Btw, I love your Momma’s shoes. I have not bought any yet but I plan too. Shoes, I love wedge heels (I have several that you wear ) but I am pretty practical so I am trying to venture out. Thanks for doing what you do. I have received so many compliments on my outfits & have always loved dressing up. I love to show off my figure at the same time I am a Mom of 3. My size in the last 9 years has only fluctuated from a 0, 2, 4, 0 and now at a 2 for 4 years now. I do a good job of balancing out the heels and the yoga pants outfits. You give me inspiration that while in my mid 30’s Mom of 3 I can still look smokin hot in a skirt and heels and own my body. My selfie and outfit posts are non-existent though. I am shy and not as confident as you but I feel more inspired bc of stepped my style up in the last 4 years. I almost emailed you this summer bc I needed a cocktail dress for my husbands Christmas banquet but decided to go at it alone. I think I did ok keeping it a simple but show off my figure dress from BR. Keep it up B, you really do make my “life easier.”

  • Found your blog today due to a pin in fashion..commented there as well, ha! Even though I’m MUCH older…tons of things in common! I’m all about Bible study, travel, etc..I went to a Christian college and taught in China long ago. Will look forward to reading your “faith” pages, as well! Blessings!

  • Brenna

    The bit about “… Traveling is fun and I love to get out and see new things from time to time, but the truth is that I’m a major homebody and genuinely love spending time at home with close friends or family. I’m scatter-brained and sometimes even flighty (otherwise known as super ADD…), yet I have a tendency to hyper-focus on random things. Time management is not my forte and I have a tendency to ask “why?” way too much; I blame this on my crippling curiosity…” In your about is just SOOOO ME to an absolute T. Especially the scatter-brained yet hyper-focused on the most odd things…. and DEFINITELY the lack of time management skills…. haha. And I also totally agree, that when you feel more… curated in your appearance, it definitely translates into confidence, and really just an improved sense of control and self—and goal—actualization… you feel like you’re prepared for anything! Just out of curiousity (haha, see, here we go!), when is your birthday?

  • I really appreciate that you put more of yourself out there so that we can get to know you. I totally feel connected to you in the sense of being ADD and struggling with time management. I just turned 30 and feel as though I should have that all figured out already, but I don’t. I love alternative (and metal) music as well, and it always shocks the hell out of people b/c of how fashionable I am, haha! Do you ever get that?

    • YEP! ALL the time! It always shocks people. And i feel like my personality always surprises people too – I guess they thought I’d be more polished or something and I’m actually sUPER goofy!