Self-Care - December 5, 2017

7 Relaxing Things To Do in December

plaid pajama outfit // cozy home decor
plaid pajama outfit // cozy home decor
plaid pajama outfit // cozy home decor
plaid pajama outfit // cozy home decor
plaid pajama outfit // cozy home decor
plaid pajama outfit // cozy home decor

December isn’t always the most calm month, but I hate feeling like the whole month goes by like WOAH. Or that it’s one of the “happiest” times of year yet we all just buzz through it, ya know? Lisel and I thought it’d be cute to put together a list of ways to find the chill during the craziness – after all, it’s a beautiful time of year and we all deserve a break more often than we get them. Hope you like our ideas!

Go to the movies

My family used to go to the movies all the time when I was little, but I hardly go anymore. If you’re looking for something to do, go see a flick with some friends! It’s guaranteed time to be “off” and to get lost in the movie, and the popcorn doesn’t hurt either. Consider one at like 10 a.m. on a weekend to beat a lot of the hectic (and loud) crowds.

Hire a chef

If you’re hosting Christmas this year or a dinner party in December, hire someone to help with the meal! How relaxing does that sound? No recipes, no hot mess kitchens, no grocery shopping. Treat yourself and your friends to a home cooked meal at your house – just not cooked by you.

Take a break

I’ll be honest, y’all, I’m REALLY bad at taking a break. Like it’s a problem. So even though taking a break might sound obvious, it’s not always easy for me – and I know other women who have a hard time taking a break too. This Christmas or NYE week, do yourself a favor and take a few days off of work. Emails, computer, phone – byeeee.

Make an inspiration board

I used to LOVE buying a bunch of magazines and cutting things out to put in my binder. There’s something cathartic about it, and it’s also super motivating. December is a perfect time to do prep for 2018 and to make a vision boards of sorts. And it’s fun to do it off of the computer/Pinterest and to cut and paste (literally). Grab a bottle of wine for even more ahhhh moments.

Turn off your phone for an entire day

I’ve tried to take breaks from my phone before, but even when it’s in the other room, I go and check it every so often. It’s like I know it’s there and I kinda can’t stop thinking about it. So if you really want a tech detox, TURN THE DAMN THING OFF. And don’t turn it on until you wake up the next day. It’s funny how something like that sounds SO different and foreign, yet it’s just turning a silly phone off lol. I’m going to do this on a Saturday where I don’t have to think about anything and have no stress of work or need to be on my phone.

Have a gift wrapping get-together

If you don’t have a lot of time to see your friends or certain family members, invite them over for a super relaxed wrapping party. Ask everyone to bring a wrapping paper, then provide the rest: bows, scissors, tape, and other cute things, then order pizza and make things easy peasy. Use paper plates and keep things simple. Plus, everyone will get their wrapping done in advance which is a lot of stress off your shoulders.

Grab a book by the fire

Y’all, would you make fun of me if I told you my favorite place in my entire house is in front of my fireplace? It’s legit my favorite feature and I spend SO much time in front of it. If you have one of your own, take a whole morning off of #life and curl up with a book you’ve been dying to try, the bible, or even an inspiring magazine. If you don’t have one, you can usually get one through your cable provider, so just google it! It’s the BEST feeling ever & very seasonally approp!

Speaking of grabbing a book by the fire, I wanted to come in here and update the post with the books I’ve been soaking up lately. I’d love to know what books you’ve been enjoying lately if you’ve been doing the same! Here’s my list:

  • I Don’t Wait Anymore – I’ve talked about this book on Instagram stories so many times because I’ve truly been loving it SO VERY MUCH. I’ve actually started to read it AGAIN because I’ve loved it so much. It has truly encouraged me in this season of my life and reminded me that I’m not alone in my journey of chasing after Christ. Sometimes I can feel so alone, but reading the words in this book brought me so much comfort. I highly recommend it!
  • Nothing to Prove – Jenni Allen is just one of those people you want to be; her energy and smile are so contagious and her book is nothing short of extraordinary. I felt myself wanting to scream OMG ME TOO at so many points throughout the book. And I’m so thankful that she shared her feelings of “not feeling good enough” (ever) in this book because reading her words was such a light to me. Not only is her writing style relatable and personable, but she’s also incredibly entertaining and encouraging too!

What about you? What have you been reading lately?

What are you doing this month to relax? Share please!

plaid pajama outfit // cozy home decor
plaid pajama outfit // cozy home decor


Outfit Details: J.Crew Plaid Pajamas // Ugg Slippers // Nordstrom Faux Fur Blanket // Nordstrom Pom Blanket

Since we’re talking about doing relaxing things, I thought it was only appropriate to round up a few cozy and cute PJs you can put on your list this season! Mine are super old from J.Crew, but I actually plan on heading to Nordstrom’s later this week to get some more cozy PJ’s and loungewear – I can’t wait! But for now, here are some cute options: