Style - January 4, 2019

5 Ways to Switch Up Your Style This Year

white booties outfit blue sweater grey cashmere scarf grey celine bag 1
white booties outfit blue sweater grey cashmere scarf grey celine bag 1
white booties outfit blue sweater grey cashmere scarf grey celine bag 1
white booties outfit blue sweater grey cashmere scarf grey celine bag 1
white booties outfit blue sweater grey cashmere scarf grey celine bag 1

With a new year comes the urge for change in SO many ways – at least over here – and one way that I want to encourage y’all to incorporate a little change is with your style! It’s a lot more fun than healthy eating or whatever, too right? I know that with my career I can get stuck with too many options that I end up picking the same outfit over and over and over again, which leaves me feeling stylistically stifled. Or just in a rut of sorts?

First off, when I’m in a fashion funk, I explore a bunch of retail websites inspo/editor tabs (Revolve, Shopbop and ASOS do a great job of curating these since they sell so many different brands) or I will go on an inspiration ONLY shopping day where I visit shops to just be inspired – not to buy (hard but doable!). Then once I have a few ideas of how I want to change up my style or try new things, I will pull the trigger and purchase.

It’s not always comfortable at first, but I always feel refreshed once I go through some of the changes I’m outlining below. Some are bigger than others and some are really easy, but they help get out of that same-style rut thing I get into. Not saying you need to re-do your whole style, but basically if you’re feeling blah about your closet, try these 5 things!


All white. All black. All camel. All pastels. All navy blue. All grey. Y’all get the picture!

You guys know I love a monochromatic look and it is such a challenge to create an amazing one since we tend to overthink and feel like everything has to match perfectly. But the beauty of a monochromatic look is that it works because all the pieces are the same color – but tones, shades and textures can be mixed and matched. It’s one of the first things I’ll turn to if I find myself starting at my closet for 20 minutes in the morning. See all my tips on that monochrome life here friends!

A Trend You Like

Trends are honestly so hit or miss, but my biggest piece of advice is not to force something y’all don’t like. Pretty sure we’ve all done it and felt silly or uncomfy and that’s the last thing I want to promote here. But I will say that it’s fun to incorporate the trends you DO like here and there.

Do y’all remember a couple weeks ago when I shared the outfit from these photos on Stories? And I asked if I should do the white boots or my usual neutral pumps? Most of y’all pushed for the white boots so I went with that – but man, it was kinda scary! See, I’ve had these boots for like a year, but every time I got o wear them, I chicken out. Even though I really like the style! But once I put them on and took these pictures, I LOVED the look! I had the same experience with mom jeans.

Just a little reminder to try those trends that make you smile even if it feels a little weird at first. And then just forget about the ones that you don’t like (like dad sneakers #justno).

New Boutique

When stuck in style rut, the best way to get out of it is to try new places to shop. I love popping into boutiques around Dallas (or when traveling) that I have never visited and I normally find a piece or two that gives me a whole new inspiration for creating outfits! Here are a few boutiques I have found online that I will be shopping this year.


ivy & leo

Grace & Lace



Style Genres

This is where Pinterest always comes into play for me, or honestly Instagram. I follow a handful of people whose style I love, but they are undoubtedly different from me. While I’m not saying to start wearing a style that doesn’t feel like you, it’s pretty amazing at what inspo you can pick up from other women you admire.

For example, I’ll see someone do a cute plaid skirt or preppy thing, and find a way to incorporate that style into my life. Or a more hipster approach to cropped jeans – something like that. Basically, if you’re liking an outfit on someone, see what you can take from it to switch things up!

Mix Prints

One of my favorite ways to switch up styles and add some flair is to mix prints. Pairing snakeskin bag with a windowpane work pant is an easy way to bring mixed prints to work. My favorite way to mix prints though is a red striped long sleeve shirt, black jeans and a leopard flat – cute and simple!

Outfit Details