How To Wear - December 29, 2018

5 Ways to Style White Sneakers

Mom jeans and white sneakers have become one of my favorite combos lately and I actually can’t believe it took me so long to become obsessed. Especially with the whole sneaker trend – which you’ll find me pretty much every day of the week, even in the winter. Sneakers add an element of sporty-cute to any outfit and they’re just freaking comfy! Plus they’re a good switch from my regular booties all winter long. Whenever I am trying to style an outfit and I am feeling uninspired, pairing a white sneaker, a pair of jeans, a simple top and a statement jacket together is my go-to. So. Easy.

To make things even easier on YOU, I’ve listed 5 ways to style white sneakers plus a few different pairs of sneakers depending on your look. Because if you’re not on the sneaker trend yet, you should be.

Statement Jacket

This look is my favorite – hence why I shot it, obvi. Pulling from my obsession with teddy coats, I paired a simple black tee, a pair of high waisted mom jeans and white sneaks for the look and called it a day. Told ya it was easy!


All White

White sneakers = the chance for all white everything, which makes even the most casual of outfits look 10x more chic. Whether you go the athletic or snappy casual route, a pair of white jeans, a textured white sweater or a hoodie, a neutral bag and your favorite pair of white sneaks is a no brainer.


Denim Skirt

I know winter just started but I always dream about spring after like two weeks of being cold. Put a little spring in your style by pairing white sneaks with a denim skirt & sweater combo. The sweater up top keeps you cozy but the skirt throws in a bit of variety from the typical jeans and tee look.


Statement Sweater

I love these statement sweaters paired with white sneakers because they bring a fun pop of color to a simple and classic outfit. Choose literally any fun sweater you have, throw on a pair of skinny jeans, grab a cute crossbody bag and you’re set!


Sweater Dress

The last on my list of ways to wear white sneakers is certainly not least. Dresses are my favorite pieces of clothing because you only have to think about one piece of clothing, not two (or more)! A sweater dress keeps you cozy while the weather is still a little chilly and the sneaks take down the formality of wearing a dress. I love these sweater dresses paired different styles of white sneakers – mix and match to find the duo that matches your style!


I LOVE seeing y’all create outfits that were inspired by one of my blog posts, so DM me a pic of your outfit & I might even feature it on stories! And LMK your favorite way to style white sneaks in the comments, k?