Summer - August 28, 2017

5 Things I’ve been Loving/Enjoying Lately

Turtle Island, Fiji - brighton keller wearing printed maxi dress on beach
brighton keller wearing t back maxi dress
Turtle Island, Fiji - brighton keller wearing printed maxi dress on beach
Turtle Island, Fiji - brighton keller wearing printed maxi dress on beach

I just got back to Dallas from Fiji and the jetlag is REAL. I feel like I was JUST getting used to the time difference (+17 hours!) and then it was time to come back home! But that’s just part of traveling I guess. Anyway, I’m excited to be back in Dallas this week and to get my life together. There are several things I need to address – that I’ve been avoiding over the past few weeks/months – and I finally have time to do so before heading to NYC in 2 weeks. So cheers to making plenty of lists and getting things done!

I took yesterday off and it felt amazing! I didn’t do anything work-related – no writing, no photos, I didn’t even post on instagram (and Sunday nights are my favorite night to post actually!). Instead, I was very lazy; I did a lot of journaling, reading, and attempted to start unpacking (my suitcases are still open on my floor though). I thought it would be a good idea to try and unpack AND dive into that new show everyone’s been talking about : The Ozarks. HA. I lasted like 5 minutes of trying to do both and ended up just being glued to the screen, only getting like 4 things actually out of my suitcase. That show is SO GOOD!

I have a lot of planned posts that I’ve already been working on in the pipeline for this week, but I sort of wanted to pop in and do a little freeform writing on this one – just type and see what comes of it. I used to do that all the time and sometimes I miss it! So today I thought I’d share some of the random things I’ve been enjoying lately slash thinking about slash interested in.

  1. I shared on instagram stories yesterday (I think? It was my only story) that worship song I’ve been loving by Matt Redman. It’s called “Gracefully Broken.” I’ve been listening to that a lot of the past week and have loved it!
  2. Since I’ve been traveling a lot, I’ve had packing and staying organized while traveling on my mind a lot (obviously). And for some strange reason (ha!) I’ve been LOVING these little, clear plastic bags that I’ve been using to organize my things. I use them in my suitcase and in my carry-on. I have 6 of them and they’re great! In my carry on, I use one for all my “purse stuff” like my ticket and wallet, chapstick, headphones, gum, glasses and the like. And then I also have one for my carry-on makeup essentials as well as another one for my on-the-go charger stuff and electronics.
  3. I’ve really enjoyed diving into learning more about self-care. I wrote an article about it for the blog last week and through that experience as well as just figuring out life in general, I’ve gotten REALLY into it. I’m hoping to write more articles like that one in the future as I continue to learn and experiment with things.
  4. I talked about it on instagram stories while I was in FIJI, but I’ve been enjoying listening to an audiobook I discovered while reading an article over on It’s called “Not Yet Married” – if you follow along on instagram stories then you know what I’m talking about because I went into why I’ve loved it so much on there! If you want to hear more, be sure to comment below and let me know. Comments are my no. 1 form of feedback in helping me figure out what to write about on here fyi!
  5. Stretching. I know that sounds strange, but I haven’t been able to actually dedicate much time to working out lately because for some reason I’ve been incredibly tired. Plus, it’s really hard for me to prioritize working out while traveling or when I’m busy – just a personal issue I guess. But anyway, I’ve been setting aside time to stretch and it has been amazing. I’ve only been doing like 10-15 minutes of it, while listening to music or a podcast or audiobook, and I’ve really loved it! Sounds kind of silly, but it’s been amazing for me!

That’s all I really have for y’all today but I hope you enjoyed this little random post! What have you been loving or enjoying lately? Excited to read the comments later today!


Outfit Details: O’Neill Print Midi Dress // Serefina Lunar Tassel Earrings // Madewell Strappy Sandals // Ray-Ban Icon Sunglasses