Lifestyle - October 26, 2021

4 Recipes I’ll Be Making This Week

Once I find a recipe that is easy to make, relatively healthy, and that both Duncan and I love to eat, I keep it in my back pocket for those days I just don’t feel like being creative in the kitchen.

Between work and parenting, I’ll be the first to admit I rely on the same recipes regularly to make sure we don’t fall into the rut of Uber Eats and DoorDash every night (please tell me I’m not alone here!).

I’m currently on the hunt for a few new meals I can add to the rotation. Here are 4 recipes I’m hoping to make this week. Hopefully, they can give you an idea of some tasty dishes you can add to your meal plan for the week!

Beef Chili With Beans

Brighton Butler Recipes

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Y’all know my love for The Defined Dish runs deep. I love that most of her recipes air on the healthier side, but they’re still super easy to throw together (otherwise, I’m out, let’s be honest!) and they always taste great. Now that we’re into fall, I love making soups, chili, and other warm dishes that are super comforting this time of year — even if that means we have to blast our AC on high so it feels cold out.

I can’t wait to try this beef chili with beans that The Defined Dish shared on her site. It seriously looks so good, and I love topping my chili with cheese, chives, and of course, Fritos like she shows on her site. Alex even offers a recommendation for making this in an Instant Pot if you really want to set it and forget it.

Turkey Cutlets with Parmesan Crust

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Okay, I’m actually drooling over these turkey cutlets. I don’t cook turkey often (read: never) but these are calling out to me for some reason. I think the parmesan crust looks so good! I’m planning to serve these with some green beans and a salad — although I feel like they’d be great with a baked potato too!

This is one of those dishes that makes me love my Always Pan even more. I have this pan in several different colors and use it for everything. It is worth every penny in my opinion!

Spicy Poblano, Black Bean, and Quinoa Enchiladas

Brighton Butler Recipes

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How good do these enchiladas look!? I feel like my default is to find meals that include meat of some sort so I actually really love that these are vegetarian. Any excuse to add extra veggies into my diet! Plus, I appreciate that you still get plenty of protein from the quinoa.

Enchiladas are one of my fav things to make because you can truly throw everything into a baking dish, set your oven, and come back in 30-45 minutes. They were actually my go-to dish for a while when we lived in Denver, and I feel like it’s time to bring them back!

Cinnamon Rolls from Scratch

Brighton Butler Recipes

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I’m not usually a “from scratch” type of person, but I can’t stop thinking about these ooey gooey-looking homemade cinnamon rolls I saw on Pinterest recently. These seem like the perfect lazy Saturday morning activity for me and Duncan.

Considering these are made from scratch, the recipe actually doesn’t look that difficult and I love that it only takes 1 hour. Plus, they had me at cream cheese icing. ;)

Alright, now I want to hear what YOU’RE making this week. Share the inspo, friends!