Home - August 28, 2019

4 Quick Ways to Prep For Your Labor Day Party

I know I sound like a broken record but how the heck is it Labor Day?! LIKE WHAT? Between my trip to Portugal, some wedding weekends, getting engaged (still on a high from that omg), and just life, summer is flying by and I honestly can’t believe we’re already onto Labor Day. While Labor Day technically means the end of the season, it still feels like summer in Dallas until like October, so I think of it as just another fun summer party :) Since so many people I know like to throw parties or get-togethers, I wanted to get on your radar of a few ways to prep. I actually use these ideas for any time I have people over, but since Labor Day is timely, we’ll focus on that, k?

A playlist

Sometimes I forget about music, is that weird? I get on such podcast or Audiobook kicks that I’ll go like weeks without listening to music. Other times I’m really into it and creating playlists for y’all like here. But the point is, you need a playlist! This is something you can slowly build the week leading up. Just shuffle through some Spotify stations and add songs to a designated playlist depending on the vibe you want.

A quick tidy

I usually wait until AFTER I have a party to hire a cleaning crew because honestly, your house gets dirty the second people walk in. Between foot traffic, all the food and drinks, etc., parties are just messy! So don’t worry about going hard on the cleaning before, but obviously, you want to spruce things up.

I tend to spruce up the day before and then right before guests arrive, I bring out maybe my favorite thing ever: O-Cedar’s ProMist® MAX Microfiber Spray Mop. (You know you’re an adult when a cleaning product makes you this happy LOL). I love this little tool because it makes cleaning up SO quick and easy – I can seriously do all of my hardwood floors in about 5 minutes. No batteries or disposable mop pads, you can choose your favorite cleaner (just 2 tsp. mixed with water), and the microfiber pad is double-sided and can be re-used for up to 3 months!

Just run this bad boy over any hard surfaces before people arrive. Pro tip: keep it close to the bar or where people are serving drinks because things tend to get messy. You can always do a quick clean up if someone spills or drops a drink. (Where was this in college by the way?!) I can imagine this being SO amazing if you had kids for under high chairs or whatever, too!

Shared SPF

I went to a summer party this year and the host had set bottles of SPF on a bunch of tables. Maybe I’ve just never noticed this before, but I was kinda amazed. I personally feel like I’m so selfish about sunblock because it’s expensive (which is so silly!) so I couldn’t believe this person’s generosity. But when you think about it – it’s such a summer party essential. Love that she had choices for your face or body in case you forgot to put some on or wanted to stay longer than planned. A small touch but a cute one right?

A shared iPhone folder

One of my girlfriends is always the creator of these and they are SO smart for parties! For as much as I’m on my phone, I’m horrible about taking photos at like parties or gatherings. Which isn’t the worst thing, except when I want to frame a photo or whatever! If you have a shared folder and invite people to it before the party, they’ll know about it and be able to share. You can also do it after, but I like the idea of doing it advance with the playlist so it’s just done.

K y’all, hope those quick little tips help! What do you always do in advance of a party (besides the big things like ordering food at all that obviously).