Fitness - August 14, 2019

3 Things I’ve Learned About Working Out Lately

3 Things I've learned about working out lately

Since college, I’ve had an ‘all or nothing’ relationship with working out. Growing up I was super active (like most of us are) and I even cheered throughout college so movement was easy – something I just did. But as an adult, I feel like there’s this huge lack of motivation that comes with working out. And maybe it’s because of the pressure we start putting on it. It becomes less fun and less habit and more…work?

It seems like every month, I’m either FULLY INVESTED in a workout routine – or totally off of one. Until lately! I’d say the past 6 months is the first time in YEARS that I’ve stuck to something. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’ve taken a different, slower, less intense approach. So! I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned over the past 6 months that have really helped me stay committed. I hope they help you, too!

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1. It doesn’t have to be intense

I’ve always had this idea that unless I can barely walk the next day, it doesn’t count. Anyone else?? I love Pilates because it’s taught me a much more gentle version of a tough workout. Yes, I can feel some soreness the next day (especially when I started), but honestly, I just feel GOOD. My body feels stronger, longer, leaner, all the things, and overall, I’m feeling much more energized. I don’t miss feeling completely drained and tired and sore after workouts, AT ALL. Maybe once n a while I’ll crave something more intense, but it’s a choice and not feeling like I have to.

PS, if I do feel like doing something a little extra, I’ve been obsessed with the @madeline_moves app lately! And for Pilates, I go to The Pilates Barre in Dallas!

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2. You need go-to outfits

Y’all would think I would have learned this by now but…shrug emoji.

Whenever I go to workout in something that I don’t LOVE, it legit effects my mood – and workout. If I try a cheap pair of workout pants or some crazy trendy workout top, I feel uncomfortable. I’m a basics girl and I’m realizing how important that crossover is when it comes to my fitness clothes as well.

So, lululemon basics on rotation over here! Obviously I love the Align leggings (the obsession has been real for years) and lately I’m also really into some of the new stuff they have coming out for fall. These leggings are SO COOL because they have the same amazing quality as the Align legging, but POCKETS! So those are definitely a new fave. And then I find I’m just most comfy in a basic but supportive sports bra and a versatile tank top. It’s my jam right now. That’s why I love lululemon! They always have the best options for these basics and offer fun prints or colors when you want them, or neutrals when you don’t.

I’ll link some of my faves right now at the end of this post!

brighton keller wearing lululemon energy bra with fast and free leggings and sculpt tank II, fitness outfit

3. 30 minutes of walking a day can change your life

OK so maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but have y’all seen my Insta Stories about walking for 30 minutes a day? I’ve always loved walking but now that it’s part of my daily life, I can’t imagine ever going without it. It’s good for the body, it clears my mind, and I just can’t explain how good this little habit has made me feel. I don’t count my steps, I just challenge myself to get out and walk for 30.

I’ve gotten a few friends into it and now we meet for our daily walks when we can. And I LOVE that some of y’all have been tagging me in your own posts about walking! So fun! Maybe we can do a Dallas meet up soon and just walk?? Fun or not?

Let me know!

brighton keller wearing lululemon fast and free leggings and sculpt tank II, walking outfit

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