Style - June 21, 2018

25 Essentials for a Happy Summer

summer essentials

Happy summertime y’all! Today’s post is short and sweet and it’s simply meant to make your summer better. As I was thinking about all the things that truly make summer HAPPY for me, I realized there were some essentials that had to be met. This list actually makes me feel SO good so I hope you feel the same reading my essentials. Here they are, but I’d love to hear what you’d add to this list!

  1. Locking in a sunless tanner that works well for your lifestyle. (See my faves here.)
  2. Going on summer night walks. Make it part of your nightly routine after dinner!
  3. White nails, always.
  4. Take at least one break a day while working to walk or sit outside.
  5. Organize your summer wardrobe staples to one part of your closet, and getting a summer capsule collection of sorts.
  6. Investing in comfortable outdoor furniture.
  7. Every other day, make a big batch of spa water and keep it in a large carafe in your fridge. Drink up!
  8. A couple really good playlists. One for summer BBQ type events (more chill) and one for wild summer nights.
  9. A sunscreen that works well under makeup (wear it daily!).
  10. Fresh blooms in your house to brighten things up. I also like getting eucalyptus since it lasts forever.
  11. Installing misters to your backyard or at least keeping a squirt bottle nearby.
  12. A really good book, like these.
  13. Cutting up fresh fruit as soon as you get back from the grocery and keeping it in containers on the top shelf of your fridge.
  14. A really good body scrub to keep skin exfoliated.
  15. A bag with a beach towel, swim suit, flip flops, a hat, and SPF in your car for spur of the moment beach/pool days.
  16. Walking barefoot on the grass often, or even taking a nap on it.
  17. Twinkle lights in your yard.
  18. A go-to recipe for sangria.
  19. Taking care of my skin so you can wear way less makeup.
  20. At least one weekend at the lake or beach doing absolutely nothing.
  21. A large tote for farmer’s market hauls.
  22. S’more ingredients in my pantry at all times.
  23. Tickets to a country concert and a baseball game.
  24. A big citronella candle for your outside table so that you can enjoy eating outdoors without the bugs.
  25. Crisp sheets and a fan in the bedroom.

Ahhhh I really love that list y’all. What are you adding as an essential to summertime happiness??