Gift Guides - December 21, 2018

15 Amazon Gifts To Snag Before Christmas

last minute amazon gifts, red sweater and black jeans outfit

Christmas is around the freaking corner guys and there is always one or two gifts that happen to slip my mind…anyone else? There are a lot of amazing deals on right now with Amazon and there is free two, one, or same day shipping on lots of items – so if you are in need of a gift for someone in a pinch, order now!


Firestick 4K Bundle – 35% OFF! Comes with 4K Fire stick (to stream Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, etc.), Echo Dot (Alexa) and Voice Enabled Controller.

Noise Cancelling Headphones – 50% OFF! These are the headphones I wear when I work and they keep me IN. THE. ZONE. Perfect for any tech-lover.

Nest Thermostat – 39% OFF! Works with the Alexa & is a learning thermostat so it recognizes your patterns and helps you save money by automatically adjusting the temperature at the right time.

Nespresso Coffee & Espresso Maker – 50% OFF! Love this item because I can make an espresso OR coffee with the same machine. This is a rare deal so scoop this item up NOW! Any coffee lover will be obsessed.


Adidas Sneakers – These sneaks come in 10 colors and are as low as $40! Love these for an everyday, running around town option!

Mens Cole Haan Loafers – Bought these for my boyfriend this year and he wears them nonstop. They come in 4 colors!

Ladies Poncho – Honestly I just saw this poncho and thought it needed to be shared with everyone. Perfect for holiday weather and doubles as a picnic blanket, ha! Also comes in 4 colors!

Mens Quarter Zip – Comes in 4 colors and has great reviews! Your man will live in this when he’s not at work.

Herschel Backpack – This backpack could honestly be for a guy or a gal – I’m obsessed! Under $80 and comes in 15 colors. No brainer.

Quay Sunnies – This brand of sunnies is everywhere right now. They just know what looks good – I have so many pairs by them and this style is a favorite of mine! Only $60!

Tote Bag w/ Wallet – Under $30 and any working gal who is constantly throwing things in her bag will love this set! Comes in 4 other colors, too.

Ugg Slippers – I wear these everyday, no lie. I accidentally leave my house in them and don’t get weird looks because they are so cute. Trust me, all the women you know need these. Available in 7 colors!


Random Faves

Round Brush – 10% OFF. I love this round brush brand! They are super high quality (always used in fashion week shows) and the bristles don’t bend under high heat – which is crucial for a sleek blowout.

Dry Shampoo – The only dry shampoo I really like, plus it smells AMAZING. You guys know how much I throw dry shampoo in my hair to get some extra volume – this product is my holy grail.

Everything But the Bagel Seasoning – I use this stuff every day… (or everyday that I make myself breakfast instead of ordering breakfast tacos ,ha!) If you love an everything bagel or just delicious food in general, order this seasoning – so addicting.