Style - June 26, 2018

10 Cute Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy on Amazon

purple bow tie top and denim shorts summer outfit

Y’all already know that I’m kinda obsessed with Amazon. I literally hop on there pretty much daily ordering something for my home or just #life, especially because Prime is so amazing for last-minute people like me. And I know we all know all the everyday stuff you can find on there, but something you might NOT know is all the other things you can find on the site. I actually didn’t even know that they sold SO many brands until recently, and now it’s where I actually do a ton of my shopping for things like clothes, accessories, workout gear, etc. Did y’all know they sold all that? Well if not, your mind is probs blown like mine was.

Since I’ve been finding so many gems on the site, I wanted to share the stuff y’all might not have shopped on Amazon before. You’re welcome!

Rayban sunglasses

Literally had zero idea Amazon hosted brands like Rayban and was so happy to find out that they do. I live in this round pair but also really like this tortoiseshell pair or the classic aviators that I’ve had for like a decade and still wear.


I ended up freaking out a few weeks ago before my trip to 30A only to have a friend remind me about bathing suits on Amazon Prime. Again, mind blown. I ordered this cute and flattering one piece and looooove it (ps it’s literally $20). I also have my eyes on this sassy yet classy black one piece and this tropical one so if you have a last-minute trips, y’all know what to do! This is really cute for the 4th, too.

Summer tops

There are so many cute, fun tops on the site from some of my favorite brands like WAYF and JOA. I’ve been living in this lavender tie top that I included in my Summer Capsule Wardrobe Essentials. Isn’t it adorbs? Also really like this off-the-shoulder WAYF top and this JOA gingham tank that would be fun for summer holidays.


Let me tell you about a time when I thought I had a garment bag only to realize I didn’t have a garment bag 2 days before a flight for a wedding. That was fun! Luckily, (and I should have known), Amazon has a TON of luggage including garment bags which I ordered that second. Literally life-saving before my trip, and I ended up buying this new set as well because they looked so sleek and had great reviews. Still obsessed!

Head scarves

I’ve literally worn my red paisley bandana like every day this summer, whether around my neck or in my hair someway, so I’ve been stocking up on these affordable head scarfs/headbands off Amazon. I actually went to a couple stores in the mall last week and all head accessories were sold out #annoying. So if you’re dying to get this summer accessory, they have a ton on the site.

Hanes v-necks (SO MUCH YES)

I used to grab these when I was at Target and would forget half the time, so they’ve become part of my monthly Amazon haul. I’m really crazy about white tee’s and wear at least once a day so I fly through them. They’re SO comfy to sleep in, but I also like to knot them up with denim shorts or jeans for an easy summer outfit. I’ll even wear them to the gym, too. Basically, I live in them.


Again, no idea you could find such cute dresses on the site. Obsessedddd with this mini floral for everything from church to date night. It’d be really cute with a denim jacket and wedges or sandals and a chambray top tied up. This polka dot mini is under $20 and is adorbs.


It’s kinda amazing that I can now get my paper towels and go shoe shopping at the same time, ha! If you didn’t know you could find brands like Steve Madden and Aldo on Amazon, now you do! These tan wedges go with legit everything and I can’t say enough good things about them – just know that y’all need them. Really like these white ones too that are dainty yet sassy.

Workout gear

I can’t tell you how much workout gear I’ve gotten on the site, and in case y’all haven’t yet, you need to know. From super cute easy workout tops that you can wear to brunch after (like these that are SO comfy), to brands like Nike and their workout tops, they have it all. I also love these high-waisted black leggings. Lastly, they even have amazing workout sneakers (and sneakers in general btw, like Converse). OH! And this graphic tank that always makes me LOL when working out, because #duh.

PS: you can also get this cute purple top I wore at the beach last month on Amazon!

K I could probably keep going but I feel like I just talked about a million things. I was just blown away and had to share the secrets of Amazon with y’all! Is there anything else I might be surprised to find on the site? Tell me everything.

P.S. If you want to know what I think is worth ordering vs. not on the site, see this article!