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not enough hours in the day

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I keep reading these quotes over an over again….for some reason, they just don’t get old. I can’t say there’s anything in particular that “links” these quotes together, but I like the fact that this collection of quotes sends my thoughts/brain into so many different directions. The first two are rather playful and light, and […]


Color Collective: Sunshine Yellow

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Hi! How was your weekend? I hope it was a good one and that you survived the heat in some way or another. I don’t know about you, but unless I’m in the pool or moving quickly in and out of my car, I usually cling to AC-only spaces. July and August (and sometimes June) are […]


Happy Friday

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  Hello there! I just wanted to say that I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I’m thinking I’ll start packing up all my things this weekend since I move in next weekend! Eeek! I’m super excited. But not so much about the whole packing thing. Happy Friday! xoxo Images via: NY Mag // Sarah […]

red lips 5

Inspired by Red Lips

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I love the vintage look of them. So glamorous and so sophisticated. These photos inspired me for sure – now I just need a reason to get all dressed up! haha. hope you have a lovely Thursday! xoxo Image Credits: Andrea D’Aquino // Vogue 2010 // Studded Hearts


Fall Basics

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1. Loeffler Randall Cap Toe Booties 2. Vince V Neck Sweater 3. Onyx Teardrop Necklace 4. Black Leather Tote 5.  La Mer Watch 6. Sleeveless Blouse  7. Light Brown Booties 8. Gold Slim Dagger Drops 9. T-bags strapless mini-dress 10. Loeffler Randall Cap toe Boots 11. Brown Snake skin trim satchel 12. Cowl Neck Sweater Can you […]


A Random One: Respect

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[Warning: just wanted to give you fashion-lovers a heads up this post isn’t fashion-related at all – whatsoever. It’s just a random rambling of my current thoughts/experience. Post #2 will be up soon and will cater more to your interests! :)] Two type posts back-to-back? ahh!! I hope you don’t hate me for it :) […]


A Little Eye Candy: 2012 Olympics

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These photos took my breath away! Have you seen them??? These photos were taken by Martin Schoeller for Time magazine and Women’s Health. He did a pretty amazing job, don’t you think?!Unfortunately, Natisia Liukin (the one in the hand stand) won’t be participating in the games this year. Her picture is my absolute favorite of […]

  • "Great sweater! Love the color and peek-a-boo! xoxo"
  • "SAME. Because of the rush of doing things last min"
  • "So pretty! I'd love to have that sweater in my cl"