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  • Bec and Bridge Stripes and NikesI absolutely LOVE discovering new brands. It's kind of like finding a hidden treasure - one that's been existing in all its awesomeness despite my cluelessness, and I just get giddy to see what all it has to offer and has in store. Finally, something new, different, and unexpected (!) that will for sure help with my cool-kid-on-the-block status (I'm totally kidding).
  • MAJOR SALE: SHOPBOP FRIENDS & FAMILYJust wanted to let you know that there’s a HUGE [...]
  • New Moon Tribal DressSince I mentioned the tribal trend (aka global influence trend or whatever they're calling it), have you noticed all the colorful and graphic-ish prints and such? I don't know about you, but I'm seeing this trend pop up EVERYwhere. Literally. This dress was one of my first Spring additions and I LOVE the tribal-ish print and the color scheme! (especially the neon touch!)
  • There's No Such Thing as 'Out of The Blue'While I was home this past weekend, Dad and I stumbled upon The Wedding Date while hopelessly scrolling through channels after watching the terribly disappointing The Secret life of Walter Mitty (what the heck was that?). Anyway, the movie [the Wedding Date] was super cute and a great chic flick, but movie critiques aside, I'm bringing it up because of a quote that stuck out to me....


  • NikkiThis dress is so cute! I must go check out this b
  • MayAbsolutely love that dress, so cute and fun! xo, M
  • annieAh, I juuust discovered them while picking my favo
  • Priscilla@PrettyPinkCosmosBoutGreat words!!!! And I love that movie, I need to s