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Easy pullover

Posted · 9 Comments

About as simple as it gets y’all….and pretty much my every day got-to during this time of year – a baggy sweater, jeans and booties!

Recent Outfits According to my iPhone

Posted · 12 Comments

I feel like the weather has been ALL over the place lately. One day it will be sunny and 75 and then it will be windy, cloudy and freezing (well, in Texas terms…). And so my wardrobe has been pretty across the board as I try and keep up with the ever-so-changing Texas temps. I could be wrong, but I think the coldest days are behind us? Needless to say, the unpredictable weather makes it a little difficult to plan out outfits for the blog…

Comfy Chic Vest

Posted · 12 Comments

Remember how I said (in this post) I had FINALLY found the perfect white shirt?! Well, here it is again in this outfit (but styled a completely different way!). I’m telling you, you kinda NEED this white blouse.

Oversized, Hunter Green Sweater

Posted · 9 Comments

Is it obvious that I LOVE oversized sweaters? Honestly, that ALL I feel like wearing….ALL the time. And I love the color of this one and that it’s a little longer than most.

Crew Neck Hi-Lo Sweater

Posted · 5 Comments

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like finding a good white button up is pretty hard to do – aside from splurging on a Theory one or something (theory’s are without a doubt the best EVER, but the price is pretty high). Anyway, I wanted to tell y’all about this one I discovered randomly from […]

Cable Knit and Barbour

Posted · 8 Comments

I’ve got a new (very old) obsession. This Barbour jacket is seriously my new love. And although it’s been around forever and a timeless classic, I’m actually JUST now joining the party.

Coat with the Fur

Posted · 3 Comments

But this coat really is as cozy as it looks AND this shirt is literally FREE right now (ok, not really. but it IS on major sale!)

Navy and Grey + Job Rant

Posted · 6 Comments

I just don’t feel like talking about this outfit. Hope that’s cool with you? Sometimes I just feel SO dumb talking about clothes…I mean, how many different things could I possibly say. The outfit speaks for itself most of the time, right? ;) The plan was to drive back to Dallas today….but that’s NOT going […]