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The Day Job

In "real life" (aka all day every day), I'm a full time CPA and spend most of my days crunching numbers, reading financial statements, and doing other auditing awesomeness (I know, you're SO jealous!). But when I'm not auditing (I prefer to say, providing assurance - auditing is just a scary word), I spend a lot of my free time writing and crafting this little blog. And if you're wondering how I balance the two? Well, I don't really. I'm still trying to figure that one out - I'll let you know if I make any progress (ha!). But to put it simple - where there's a will, there's a way! Right?! Plus, I like splitting my time between the two insanely different worlds - public accounting (fully loaded with all that corporate jazz) and the ever-evolving, multi-dimensional blogosphere.

The 411 on BTD

BTD is primarily a fashion blog, but I like to think that it's more than just your average "personal style blog"; well, at least I hope that's the case. Yes, I do write about fashion and do "outfit posts", but I try not to get too wrapped up in the world of material things and consumerism and do my best to keep things in perspective. Because at the end of the day, although it's fun to wear cute clothes, there is so much more to life. And just so you know, although I DO love being on the sharing/creating end of the blog world, I think the thing that keeps me coming back for me is the people - not only the relationships I've developed with other bloggers, but also the interactions and feedback I receive from my readers. There's just something so special and heart-warming about connecting with like-minded people and being able to relate in such unique and different ways.

The Quick Facts about Me

I'm from Baton Rouge, LA, but currently live in Houston, TX. I don't like to read, but I love to learn. I Jesus and my faith is a MAJOR defining factor in my life, joy, and sense of self - and I listen to a lot of Christian music. Mornings are my favorite (!) and breakfast is a big event for me. Philosophy fascinates me, and I love learning new words. I'm a planner, but I somehow live my life on the edge - constantly pushing my limits. School supplies are my JAM and I thoroughly enjoy the luxury of treating myself to an almost-weekly mani/pedi. I'm scatter-brained and sometimes even flighty (otherwise known as super ADD...), yet I have a tendency to hyper-focus on random things. I'm obsessed with my siblings and am the oldest of 4 kids- 2 sisters and 1 brother. Time management is not my forte and I have a tendency to ask "why?" way too much; I blame this on my crippling curiosity. I have a serious addiction to candy, but not the chocolate kind.

Why I Started BrightonTheDay

I started BTD in December of 2011 shortly after my mom, Dee Keller, launched her italian shoe line. Naturally, I wanted to do all I could to help and thought blogging would be a great way to spread the word. Plus, I'd always had a knack for and interest in coding, so building a blog sounded like the ultimate challenge and project for me to, excuse my cliche, kill two (or a few) birds with one stone. On one hand, I could play with code, experiment with all the awesome adobe software (woohooo!) and justify it (to myself, of course) all as a way to help my mom.

An Interest in Coding

YEP. I kid you not, I'm obsessed with computer programming and anything and everything that has to do with computers. I almost majored in Management Information Systems at UT-Austin and was very involved with the MIS department. I didn't actually learn anything about coding, though, until I decided to start this blog. I could talk about it for hours, but I'll do you a favor and stop now...

A Desire To Help Mom

Of course I wanted to find some way to help my mom's new business, but what's an 18-year-old girl to do? I remember reaching out to a few of the "big" bloggers (after a friend informed me that "fashion bloggers" existed - I was SO clueless). But after not hearing back from them, my mom suggested I start my own. And after lots of convincing, I dove in head first!

A Love For Clothes

So yeah, I love clothes. I like to shop. I like to get dressed up. etc. etc. But really though, what girl doesn't? There's just something so empowering about getting up in the morning and actually getting dressed for the day. Because when I take pride in myself and my appearance, I just feel better - about myself and about my day. And honestly, I'm usually in a better mood, more optimistic, and more productive when I feel put together and dressed for the day!

A Passion for Learning

Yes, I am passionate about learning. But this is really just a subtle way of saying that I'm super nerdy. And I think this inner sense of geek-ness really started to blossom and shine once I started reading about web development, coding, and whatever else my little heart/mind desired. I just let my curiousity run wild and the more I learned, the more I wanted to know. And let me tell you, this stuff is NOT easy!

The Stuff I Ramble About


Like most girls, I love getting dolled up in pretty clothes and fun shoes. That's normal...right? As I mentioned above, I started BTD to promote my Mom's company. You'll find pictures of moi (sometimes awkwardly) smiling/posing for the camera in an outfit that "styles" or shows off DK shoes. I'm more of a self-proclaimed nerd than I am a fashionista, so I hope I don't come off as anything other than a normal girl just like you (well, maybe you're not as all-over-the-place as me - but you get my drift...) All in all, I hope my sense of style and take on the world will serve to inspire you in some way or another. If anything, I hope to simply introduce you to the Dee Keller Design brand and/or brighton your day.


Nothing too personal of course, but you might find me occasionally documenting/rambling about life's happenings and excitement. I don't plan on boring you with updates, but I'm sure certain events will call for discussion. And then sometimes, when I'm distracted by a certain fear or mental block of sorts, I might vent or share those feelings with you (in hopes that someone, somewhere can maybe relate). I tend to do a lot of thinking and you might hear about some of my random revelations or realizations too.


I absolutely love to learn (this might be an understatement...). Ever since I was a little girl, I have been quite the curious cat, constantly asking questions to anyone who would listen (but really though - I'm pretty sure it was quite annoying). Given my addiction to learning--and spending my time behind a screen/book--I am usually out of the loop when it comes to all things pop culture. I'm totally working on this, though. I've been making an effort to be more in the know with all that stuff people talk about at parties. But hey, if you're interested, I could tell you all about HTML/CSS, my favorite philosophers, and excel macros.
  • Nadia

    I love your fresh take on your lifestyle blog. 100% honest & relatable. Best wishes!

    Nadia from

    • Brighton Keller

      thank you so much Nadia!!

  • Trina BA

    Brighton, love the clothes!!!!

  • damon

    omg f’in love this!

    • Brighton Keller

      thank you!! I’m so glad :)

  • rachel

    You are such a doll! Looking forward to following along!

  • Cara-Mia

    Wow, this is amazing!

    • Brighton Keller

      aww thank you! and thank you so much for stopping by!!!

  • Morgan Ward

    Brighton, I have followed you on instagram for awhile now, and decided to really explore your blog. Oh my goodness, you are an inspiration! I really enjoy your blog and I feel that you have a great balance of not letting “material” get to you. I also love that you are so open and your love for Jesus really shines through you! Thanks for Brightoning my day:)

  • Grace Beekman

    Hey girl, you’ve got one beautiful blog! Just found it and I’m stoked about reading more of your posts! Keep being such a great light in the world! Love it, girly! :)

  • annie

    Absolutely love your blog! So glad to have found it. I’m adding it to my bookmarks now!!



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